Feeling a little self conscious here.

Never thought I’d be a blogger.  On the one hand it’s for people who tweet, have never given birth and look good in skinny jeans – yet on the other hand it’s on the nerdy side.  I’m somewhere in the middle.  Pleased to meet you.

I have no idea how this all works, no idea what the correct terminology is or even what this will be about.  Then there’s a mild ‘blogger anxiety’ – what if noone ever follows me?  What if people think I’m a dickhead?  What if I actually am a dickhead and never knew?

But I need a project.  I’ve just moved to the other side of the world for my husband’s work, with our 2 small children.  The job I had lined up for myself has fallen through and I now face being a stay at home mother for the next 2 years.  I’m not complaining at all, but like I said, I need a project.

The truth is I came to the UK from Australia kicking and screaming.  I sooooo did not want to move countries.  Everything was going so well, I had a part time job I loved with all the flexibility I needed, my children were happy and settled and we were surrounded by the best friends and family you could imagine.  Then my husband was offered the much-coveted London posting.  He’s a sports writer and this was a job he could not turn down.  So here we are.

Luckily I genuinely love London. I do think it gets a bad wrap in that people will tell you it’s not a friendly place.  I disagree and think Londoners are a good lot.  We’re in south-west London and we’ve made some friends already.  Yay!!

Having to make friends from scratch as an adult is similar to dating.  You meet someone you like, you know they live locally and you approve of their clothes.  Then it gets awkward.  How soon is it to ask for a phone number?  Who does the asking?  They’re English, will they think I’m too brash?  Once you have the number it all starts again.  How soon is it to call?  Should I call or text?

There’s a bar of chocolate with my name on it in front of the TV so will sign off.  Does it get much more rock’n’roll than this?  Stay tuned.

Although we all know the answer is “no.”

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