Is it Fab to Flaunt?

Although I still maintain the obsession with WAGs is really uninteresting, I am feeling for the Queen Wag at the moment.

If you haven’t seen a UK newspaper in the last couple of days, let me fill you in.  English footballer Wayne Rooney has been – ahem – getting to know a prostitute called Jenny a little better.  And her friend.  At the same time.  Several times in fact.  Never mind that his wife, the lovely Our Coleen, was at home pregnant with their first child.

Apparently this Jenny, or Juicy Jen as she likes to be called, is a Wannabe WAG.  They’re the ones who are on the sidelines waiting for an opportunity to catch a real WAG’s leftovers.  Apparently there are plenty of them about.  If you need any further proof of the kudos that go with being a footballer, look no further than Wayne Rooney – for he is not blessed in the looks department.  And can I just say to Mr and Mrs Rooney, with a surname like that, why put Wayne in front of it?  Maybe it’s my Aussie accent but those long vowels together sound like you’re in pain.
As is always the case, it’s this Jenny that is being absolutely caned in the press.  Never mind the dog that cheated on his pregnant wife, oh nooooo.  Now I could go on forever about that but I won’t.  Instead I just want to say that the obligatory ‘glamour shots’ of her in the papers are making me laugh. Not for the crafty poses in frilly knickers, but for the fact that she has taken many of them herself.   I just can’t imagine dressing up in my best lingerie, spending close to an hour spray-painting on the makeup (suspect Juicy Jen is a Prawn, you know, chuck the head but keep the body – oooh what a bitch I am!!), setting up the camera then taking provocative photos of myself (stand up, Demi Moore).  Happy with the result, I then put them on my Facebook page.  And anyone who sees them would think I was a real dick.
It reminds me of when I did photography at uni back in the days of dark rooms – remember I’m in my mid thirties.  A friend was developing her shots and they all turned out to be soft porn shots of herself.  It was hilarious and I had great a Laugh That Stops You Walking.  But she was completely serious.  Errr…… sorry about that.
Oh that’s right, I forgot – nowadays getting your boobs out in public is empowering.  Silly me.

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