To ad or not to ad?

If you are one of my 8 followers, and can I just say how gorgeous you all are, you might have noticed that there are now ads on my blog.  Actually if you look closely, you’ll see that one of my followers is me.

So if you are one of my 7 followers, you might have noticed there are now ads on my blog.

I thought I might as well sign up to some advertising – Gruen Transfer** and all that.  Since they are all so clever at Google,  I was sure the ads would be customised to suit the general tone of my blog.  In a way they are – the last time I looked, there was an ad for a sports drink endorsed by the charming and shy Wayne Rooney (still cannot believe someone walks around with a name like that).  Other ads are slightly more personal.

So should any of you be a horny man wanting to marry Shakira, there is an ad for Colombian wives.  If you’re not that discerning about your future wives’ nationality, there are ads for you too.  Should said wife then take up some extra marital hobbies, there is an ad for a private detective service.

One thing the British should be proud of is the fantastic shopping, so here’s hoping some decent ads come up soon.  And an aside to those of you in Sydney – Zara is coming soon!  OMG I am like a labrador on heat in that shop.  No gratuitous product placement here.

Following is fun, so if are enjoying what you read please do sign up as a follower on my blog.  It’s nice to think I’m writing for an audience that’s into the double digits.

And I really don’t mind if you are into mail-order Colombian wives.

(**The Gruen Transfer is an Australian TV show all about advertising – it’s good stuff.)

3 thoughts on “To ad or not to ad?

  1. I'm loving your blogs!!!! Keep them going as they're great for distracting me from work 🙂 Soooo hilarious to read and I can really imagine you saying all of this back in Oz over a cup of tea at home which makes it even better! Can't wait for the next one…

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