A Musical Time Warp

I miss CDs.  I don’t miss the actual technology, but I miss the CD collection.

There was a time when if you went to someone’s place for the first time, it was essential you checked out their CD collection.  Depending on whose place it was, you either did it brazenly or while they were in the next room.

It was a great feeling to come across a fantastic collection – similar to yours, but with albums you wished you had.  On the flip side it could induce a sinking feeling, or at worst, panic.  Much like finding out your man’s favourite song is “Boom Shake the Room.”  Now I love Will Smith as much as the next girl, but “Ya really done want me to tig-a-tig-a-tig-a tell ya wassup.”  Yep.

The other night I found myself apologising for my rubbish CDs.  My lovely brother (see I said you’d get a mention) was here for dinner.  He went to put on a CD and had one of those aforementioned “moments.”

“Oh my god your music is terrible.”

I had to explain that of course it’s outdated, I haven’t bought a CD for ages.  Who does anymore?  Everything is downloaded.  There is even a Westlife CD in there.  As an aside, I saw a Westlife clip the other night and it was brilliant.  What is it with boy bands and their choreography?  It is literally:

– Sing with hands spread out on your chest;
– Now sing while pumping your firsts slowly up and down in front of you;
– Keep singing with your arms spread out on either side, cue open shirt with strong breeze, and now;
– Spin around.

Back to the topic in hand.  The only problem was, as I was explaining myself, I realised that if he was to go through my iPod he’d have a similar reaction.  It’s been too long since I bought myself some music.

So now I’m on a mission to update.  I just don’t know where to start.

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