Guess the Age. Or not.

English women are going to lurve this.

Here goes…

The women here look sooo much younger than they are.  See, told you!  While I certainly don’t make a habit of asking adults their ages, when you are making new friends you invariably work it out.  Examples of clues include, “It was fifteen years ago, when I was 20…” and, “I have to start planning for my 40th next year.”  See what I’m getting at?  You might not ask, but chances are you will find out.

So far, each time someone’s age becomes apparent I am genuinely surprised – they look significantly younger every single time.

This came to a head last night when I went for my evening walk.  My walk ended up being to the neighbours’ for a few wines, well I did walk there so technically it still counts.  It turns out that the lovely, lovely couple next door are in their mid 50s.  I nearly fell off my chair. Might have been the wine.  But still, they look at the very least 10 years younger.

I am putting this down to the climate, unless there is some magical potion I need to get my hands on.  I grew up in country Australia, where the sun seemed to say “This will teach you for coming outside…. take that! Now shrivel, shrivel you pale, ridiculous human.”  The big, yellow thug.

To further illustrate my point, how about this:  in England, people “sunbathe.”  In Australia, the word is “sunbake.”

So I’m hoping a few years here will somehow reverse the ageing process.

Although I do miss the big, yellow thug.

3 thoughts on “Guess the Age. Or not.

  1. A good (American) friend told me that apparently, English women are known for having great skin and terrible hair. I've assumed that's because of the damp and dreary climate, possibly lack of serious sun, too.
    I don't think I can claim great skin, but my hair has never been a selling point 🙂

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