Shoes Glorious Shoes

Today I went to shoe heaven.

I’m still a little speechless so don’t know where to start.  So maybe I’ll start by saying that I really love shoes.  I’m not Robinson Crusoe there, and it’s fair to say that anyone reading this will have better shoes than me.  But I really do love shoes.

In a former life, ie before children, I bought whatever shoes I felt like buying.  My biggest Shoe Shame, or Boast, depending on who you are, was when I spent 2 years here in the UK in my early 20s.  I was straight out of uni and earning my first income, in a city where shoes were not just in black but in every possible incarnation.  I bought shoes I knew I would never walk in, shoes that were so impractical that they were destined to just sit in my wardrobe.  But that was the point – they were in my wardrobe.  I cannot walk in 6 inch heels, have never been able to. Platforms with the heels embroidered in tulle are going to be very unhappy stepping in a muddy puddle.  But I still bought them, and shoes with heels so high they’d give you a nosebleed.  I just loved to look at them.  Material, moi?

Now I have children and we’re on one income, so the days of Shoe Frivolity are over….hopefully just for now.  But today I stepped into the new Shoe Galleries at Selfridges.  They have over 4,000 shoes on display, it is Shoe Porn.

As you walk in, a giant silver glitter stiletto towers over you and takes your breath away.  What followed was a magnificent hour of the most beautiful shoes you could ever hope to see.  I bought some winter boots, hardly glamorous but studded and with a touch of shearling (bordering on Ugg Boot territory, but don’t worry – they are definitely boots not slippers).  Trying them on, I sat beside a very well-heeled lady from Sydney.  She had already bought 3 pairs, and was deliberating on a further few.  It was fun helping her decide.

She walked out of there with another 3 pairs, and a big smile on her face.

And that made me happy.

3 thoughts on “Shoes Glorious Shoes

  1. I know, the whole blog is a bit everywhere isn't it! Either variety is the spice of life or I am rubbish at planning.

    Do give the lasagne a try you won't be disappointed I promise.

    Promise to include photos in the future! 🙂

  2. That's that then, next time I visit London I'm off to Selfridges! 🙂
    (PS those hoofboots are awesome! Wouldn't be seen dead in them, but that's not the point!)

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