The Name Game

I’ve moved around enough to know that I am much happier when I have friends living in walking distance.  I know for many that is not possible.  I grew up in rural Australia, where you could walk forever and be rewarded with a beautiful brown landscape, a spectacular sunset, possible shin splints but no people.  

Having moved to London I find myself having to make friends from scratch.  I’m very proud to say that it’s going well and I honestly don’t feel lonely – yay!!  I’ve made a real effort and I feel like it’s paid off, with a handful of friends I can easily stroll to visit.  Not having a car, this holds a new kind of appeal.  

Having said that, I am shocking with names.  This has presented me with a little quandary.  You see, there is one woman who I’ve met a number of times now.  She seems great, really lovely and we have children the same age.  A week or so ago, she moved into the house a few doors down so I see her more often now.  But I cannot, and I mean cannot ask her for her name again.  I’ve lost count how many times I’ve asked.  I’ve asked others too, and I’ve exhausted that avenue.  Last time I saw her I asked her to spell it for me, hoping that would help.  Now the problem is partly me, but also the fact that her name sounds like nothing I’ve heard before.  It’s Welsh.  The spelling is pretty much, give or take a letter, Dsfsg&Y*&Y5rkwdsfsflafjalalaahblodeu.  Well I made that last bit up and hope I didn’t offend anyone from Wales there.  

While I’m talking about Welsh names, if you are easily amused, I recommend getting a Welsh person to say Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.  It’s great.  On second thoughts maybe it’s just good fun after too much wine.  I’m ashamed to say I once went to a party hosted by a Welshman and spent much of the night telling people to, “Go and ask him to say it!  Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!”  He was very obliging but how annoying was I?!  No need to answer that, thanks everyone.  

But I have a plan.  I’m going to put a note under her door with my email address on it, as we’ve been talking about swapping contact details.  She’ll then email me so I’ll have her name in print.  Then I can google Welsh pronunciation and work out how to say it.  Et voila!  Problem solved.  

Hopefully another friend in walking distance.  Yay me!

6 thoughts on “The Name Game

  1. Yeah just your luck she'll have a random email address like funkyapple@gmail or something. Maybe you should offer to bring in her mail if she goes away??

  2. I am awful with names as well. I've moved often enough that I should have gotten better at it. I haven't. I have found that exchanging written numbers etc causes them to write their name, or exchanging phones and putting in your phone numbers. Good luck!

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