Follow that Food!

There’s a great ad on TV for Yorkshire Tea.  It’s a builder and his client having an argument, which is interrupted by a boiling kettle.  They then stop to have a friendly cuppa, before finishing and getting straight back into their barney.  The slogan is “From Yorkshire, where teatime’s important.” 

So of course when I saw it, I thought we have to visit Yorkshire.  I’ve never been, and we have to see as much of the UK as possible – it’s such a wonderful country.  Plus I love tea, and England loves tea, so if the English think people from Yorkshire love tea then I need to be there.  
Then along came an ad for Knorr stock cubes.  Basically it’s a suave velvet-voiced chef, someone I’m assuming is well known but I have no idea, cooking a roast for a bunch of Yorkshire ladies.  He makes the gravy from these stock cubes and the women all enjoy their roast so much that they eat in total silence.  The premise of the ad is that the country’s gravy experts are from Yorkshire. 
Cool!!  Even more reason to go.  Who doesn’t love gravy?  
So I told my husband.  “We have to have a break in Yorkshire because they love tea and gravy.” 
I got the same look I got when planning last year’s holiday.  Now I think that bout of holiday planning was inspired.  We couldn’t decide where to go, so I got a list of my favourite icecream shop locations, and started from there.  Genius!!  In case you want to know, my favourite icecream shops in Australia are a chain called Cold Rock.  You choose your icecream flavour, then you choose your chocolate or sweets, and they mash it all up for you.  I could live on vanilla icecream and Violet Crumbles, so the perfect holiday is somewhere in walking distance to one of these shops.  See what I mean?   How amazing was I!! 
My husband thought I was a bit of a twit, but I still maintain it was a stroke of genius. 
Anyway, back to our Yorkshire conversation.  He agreed that, yes, tea and gravy is a good reason to go somewhere.  Although I suspect he was humouring me, as he doesn’t drink tea and he doesn’t drown his roasts in gravy either.  
Then he dropped the bombshell, “But you don’t understand Yorkshire pudding.” 
Ah.  Yes.  That’s true.  I don’t understand Yorkshire pudding.  And the name is seriously misleading. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, basically it’s like a big, crusty savoury scone that is served with your roast.  Apparently every time we’ve gone to the pub for Sunday lunch, I tell my husband that I don’t understand Yorkshire pudding.  I still eat it, and in truth it’s quite nice, but I don’t get why you’d make it.  A roast is really easy – you slowly roast the meat, you roast vegies, you make  a gravy and choose your condiments.  Why you’d faff around with batter is beyond me.  I’ll have to make it myself to see how it all works.  Who knows, I might be a convert and then I’ll be eating my words.  And my Yorkshire puddings.
In the meantime, I’ve just discovered pasties.  A trip to Cornwall soon, methinks.  
What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Follow that Food!

  1. I totally get it (not the yorkshire puddings, they're a bit strange) but wanting to travel to a place where they love tea and gravy. How can that not be a nice place?!

  2. you should go to yorkshire! it's beautiful in a very bleak way. maybe a weekend trip up to york? they have the minster (cathedral), a viking center, and cute winding streets!

  3. Both of those places are fabulous, I went on holiday to Yorkshire this year and had a brilliant time!

    Oh and Yorkshire pudding when cooked well is the food of the heavens. I have it no matter what roast I am having not just with beef!

  4. Yorkshire puddings are one of the nicest parts of a roast meal. The good news is, if you don't feel like faffing with batter, you can buy them frozen and just bake them.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    We will be sure to have a weekend in Yorkshire. As soon as my husband has a few days off in a row we will be off – there's so much to see and I'm worried we'll have been here a year and not left London.

    Are the frozen yorkshire puddings (that seems such a mouthful, do we shorten that?) as good as regular ones? Because they sound more realistic.

  6. I love your criteria for picking holidays – why not!!! Our kids love the novelty of yorkshire puds stuffed with things. Go to Bakewell in the Peak District to try a Bakewell Pudding.

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