When musical worlds collide

I’m feeling a bit left out at the moment.

Not only am I the only chubby one I’ve seen at the gym, but the other mummies are all aflutter over Take That.  I’m not aflutter over Take That.  So, take that.  (Boom boom!)

Tickets for their 2011 stadium tour are now on sale.  Everyone’s very excited about it.  Except for me.

I just never got into them.   “Whatever I did, whatever I said, I didn’t meant it,” well that’s not an apology is it?   He doesn’t even know what he did wrong.  Come back when you’ve learnt to take personal responsibility, Gary.

I do love Robbie though.  Oooh he’s a cheeky one that Robbie.  He flashed his arse at the concert I went to, so I do love to tell people I’ve seen his bottom.  Unfortunately so has everyone else.

But I’ve just never been a fan of the boy band, except for a brief and secret flirtation with Westlife.

A few years ago, a lovely English friend was having none of it.  She was also dismayed to find I was clueless about 80s Brit pop, and she made it her mission to open my eyes.  In my defence, my first ever concert was Slim Dusty.  It was in a paddock, I was in my pyjamas and spent the night watching Dad jumping around yelling, “Go Slim!”  Here’s some advice, on your first day at boarding school when you are asked what concerts you’ve been to, don’t say, “Slim Dusty.”

We had a road trip planned, so my friend decided that’d be the perfect time to start me off on Duran Duran.  Where I am from, Duran Duran are exceptionally uncool so I was far from thrilled.  On the big day, we were driving from Perth to the Pinnacles, but took a wrong turn.  That day I said the one sentence you don’t want to hear in a Toyota Corolla: “Oh shit, we’re in the wrong desert.”  But you know what?  Duran Duran got us through.  How can you not love the panting in “Hungry Like the Wolf?”

As an aside, when we eventually did get to the Pinnacles we didn’t get out of the car.  We just sat inside eating Twisties, reading Who magazines and listening to Duran Duran – while outside is the most haunting landscape you will ever see.  It just wasn’t right.

So to all you wonderful Take That fans – enjoy.  I know it’s big news and that you all get fab tickets.  And while you’re at your concert, I’ll be listening to Powderfinger (but possibly sneaking in some Westlife).

22 thoughts on “When musical worlds collide

  1. Don't worry, you're not alone. I've yet to be set aflutter by any Boy Band.

    My most likely reaction to someone saying “Take That” would not be to scream and get all teeny and flustered. No, I'd probably just say “And do exactly WHAT with it?”

  2. Oh I love Powderfinger – even had them on our wedding cd! However – you failed to explain exactly what you were doing at that bottom baring concert…

  3. I like Take That, probably because they remind me of my uni days when they were big first time round. Robbie's the same age as me and I feel like I've grown up with them. It's nice to see people our age still being popular and not usurped by 19 year olds (this is me trying desperately to feel better about my age). Duran Duran though – now you're talking!

  4. So excited to have some PF fans reading this. Aren't they the best – along with Silverchair, Midnight Oil etc… sound like am selling an “Oz Rock Anthem” compilation. They're usually called something god awful like, “Rock the Barbie” (as in BBQ).

    And I do agree it's nice seeing some of the attention drawn away from the likes of Justin Bieber – I don't get that either. Why are 16 year old girls getting excited by a boy who looks 10?

  5. Sorry Kate, meant to say – Robbie was wearing a kilt on stage, and he kept turning to the back and flipping it up. Hence I have seen his bottom.

    I would normally think a kilt on a non-Scot is a bit sad… but not that night. Oh no.

    Hello Robbie if you're reading this (of course you are)!

    PS: am I a dickhead for talking to Robbie Williams through my blog comments????

  6. Why wouldn't Robbie be reading your comments?!? 😉

    yep another person who doesn't get Take That right here. I just don't understand it all, being at school the first time round I was sure I must be hearing a different band to my friends, surely they couldn't like that utter tosh?
    But Powderfinger and Silverchair? ah see much better!

  7. PPJ: You're right. Of course Robbie is a regular reader. As are Madonna, various Prime Ministers and Hugh Grant. Hello to all of you.

    Struggler: For someone who doesn't like it when people say they are fat, I've done a good job of doing that on this blog! For the record, I am actually quite happy with how I look – I'm a firm believer with being happy with what you've got. I could do with losing some weight, like many of us, but on the whole I make a effort to focus on what I do have rather than what I'd like to have. Very long winded wasn't it, sorry!!

    MM: Yes it's true!! I grew up in rural Australia and noone, and I mean noone, listened to them. I went to boarding school at 11 and there was one girl who was a fan, and we all thought she was a bit strange. She had posters on them on the wall – I remember a friend saying, “But they look like girls!” I told my English friend I mentioned in that post, she thought I was barking mad too.

  8. Mmm – still avoiding the 'what you were actually doing at the concert' question…But hey – if you were a closet fan back in the day then I forgive you.

  9. I happily admit to being a Robbie fan, are you? He is tops. I don't love all his songs but all in all “the boy done good.”

    It was a Robbie concert, ie not part of Take That. Don't even know if TT ever made it to Aus, well if they did I completely missed it.

  10. WAS cool? Was? You mean …. you mean … he's dead? Why, I swear I saw him in the supermarket only the other day. Only joking. I know he's dead. He died the night I stayed over with a friend who was a real fanatic (I was 14) and she cried all night long. I'll never forget it.

  11. Thanks for taking me back to my Duran Duran days. I used to love singing along to Wild Boys and I was gutted when Simon Le Bon got married. And I was only six. Might be time to revisit them.
    Hope you are feeling less left out now, you've clearly reignited some duran love.

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