Zumba. Also entitled "I’ve come so far since ballet."

Why has it taken me this long to discover Zumba?

I just got back from wiggling and shaking my way through a Zumba class. Loved it.  It’s a little bit Shakira, a bit Beyonce with Jane Fonda thrown in. It’s all set to salsa music.  Up until now salsa was something I used to mash avocado into.

Mmmm.  Avocado.

So now I’m wondering why it’s taken me this long to try it.  I’m also wondering why I have never even been to a dance class.  Although I did try ballet as a youngster, but in the second class the teacher told us we were to dress as mice for our concert. As in, “you are not wearing a tutu.”  That was reason enough to quit.  I then wet my pants for good measure too, just in case they were desperate to keep me there.  Take that, you mouse-costume-wielding tyrant.

Today’s class was full, and what a great bunch we were.  Woman of all ages, shapes and sizes – from the supremely coordinated, to the so-not-blessed.  And everyone had fun.  In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a group of total strangers having more fun together. Hmmmm, you’d better not misinterpret that last sentence.  It’s not that kind of blog.  Sorry.

I loved the fact that – ta daaa! – I didn’t stand out like a ready meal in Nigella’s kitchen.   (With the exception of my squeaking trainers.  Guess that’s to be expected after eight years.) There was always someone spinning around when they weren’t meant to be, usually smacking into the poor sod beside them.   And the more flesh on your bones, the more you had to shake.  And shake I did.    Never in time to the music, and always with one foot wrong, but so what?  What else is a generous bottom for?  Again, that last bit is open to misinterpretation but let’s not go there people.

I’ll even admit to having visions of me as a Zumba instructor… smiling and cracking jokes as I effortlessly shake my arse in front of an appreciative audience.  A quick glimpse in the mirror put those thoughts firmly to bed.

But it’s fun to dream.

18 thoughts on “Zumba. Also entitled "I’ve come so far since ballet."

  1. I was just the other day considering going to one of these classes! They run one at the school just across the road to me. There'd be hardly any effort required to get me there. It's just the doing it that would require energy I'd much more enjoy spending on pouring tea and opening biscuit jars. It's hard work! x

  2. Now I'm homesick – the chances of finding a Zumba class in Greece are pretty much equal to the country suddenly striking gold and becoming the most prosperous nation on earth.
    And the chances of any such class – if it existed – being any way near affordable is in the snowflake in class category.

  3. I definitely recommend it. MM I'm very impressed you wear the jingling belt!! In my class the only one wearing one was the instructor. Would be fun.

    If you can't access it, or steer clear of humiliation in general, you can buy Zumba DVDs. Don't know what they're like though.

  4. I've heard it's So This Season! Would love to give it a go as I've currently got a high heel induced injury which means I can't go running( the things I do for fashion!) although that makes me sound like a willowy athlete..tbh I haven't run long before my poor fashion injury. Must check out classes near me…..you don't live in West London perchance??!

  5. There's a class near here and I was only saying to my sister today, why don't we go? Mind you, I have quite a lot to shake. I wonder how long it would take for it all to stop wobbling, if it's as you say.

  6. Thanks- was browsing blogs, found yours through Kate Takes 5, and read this, had been trying to remember what it was called! Y eeha! Although have moved to the middle of nowhere now so may have trouble finding a class… Love your blog! FBx

  7. Thanks everyone! And Flora so happy you found me again, thank you.

    No matter how much you have to shake, I say give Zumba a go and don't worry about how you look. The only one in my class who really had it was the instructor! She was hot stuff.

    And for those of you that can't get to a class, look into getting a DVD. Would be a hoot in your lounge room. Bring it out after your next dinner party – dare you.

  8. I still have not tried it yet – need to plan it into my schedule soon! love the imagery, you made me feel like I could really fit in with all this jiggling going on 🙂

  9. Hilarious. I'm yet to try Zumba but have been attending dance practice for two months in readiness (I lose the term loosely here) for a charity event. Think Zumba would be a better option … they dim the lights, don't they?

  10. I've recently started a class too – I have to say the wiggling and jiggling bit doesn't come at all easily to me, but I think I'm improving. The jingling belt thing is competely new to me – there are none in my class!

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