What would Nigella do? Part 2.

Our beautiful little girl turned two today.   She had a wonderful day.  Our childrens’ birthdays really bring out the sook in me – they are so, so special.  I just cannot believe my luck sometimes.

We had a small party for her, so I’m surrounded by pink balloons and streamers.  If previous birthdays in this house are anything to go by, these decorations will remain until they disintegrate and I just clean them up once they’re dust.  You say laziness, I say prolonging the celebration.

My previous post detailed the list of food for the party.  Ha ha haaaaa!! Homemade sausage rolls with tomato relish?  Haaaaa!!!!  Pink meringues? Hee hee!  Fresh fruit platter??  Hear that?  That’s me chortling through my keyboard. What a riot!!

But I did make cupcakes, for I lurve making cupcakes.  I hope you don’t mind my saying, but they were so lovely that I’m sharing a picture with you.  Thanks for humouring me,   I don’t get out much.  Actually that’s a lie, last week I went out three nights – count them – one two three!!  A social triumph!  Oh hello mojo, welcome back.  And stick around, you sensitive, allusive thing you.

Today’s birthday cake was a maple syrup cake, so of course I thought of the only Canadian I know.  Hello!  I’m sorry to have sullied your country with my experimental cooking.  It tasted OK but the maple cream on top looked a little worse for wear after a few hours.  Pink glittery sugar is great in theory, but in this case they offered a lumpy, congealed quality to the icing.

I have a talent for over-catering.  There’s a rather festive little ritual my husband and I go through before any kind of entertaining.  He holds both my shoulders and says, “We won’t need that much food.”  I always roll my eyes and go, “I know – this time will be different.”  Needless to say we will be eating slice for the next week.
Did I mention the cupcakes?

7 thoughts on “What would Nigella do? Part 2.

  1. What a beautiful cupcake! I have to tell you that, for my birthday, my boyfriend gave me the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook. Heaven. Find it. Live it. Love it.

  2. What would Nigella do? She would slip into something silky and eat ALL of the leftovers. And she wouldn't look like a pig while she was doing it, no indeed, we would all want to have sexy sex with her while she was doing it whether we were male, female, staright gay or bisexual. That's what Nigella would do.

    Well done you – great cakes!

  3. Happy birthday! What a beautiful cake–November is a festive month in this house too, but my unfortunate forays into baking never yield such successful results…

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