Look at Me!!

So you feel like you need a bit more attention.  There’s nothing wrong with that.
You could get a makeover.  If your birthday is coming up, there’s plenty of mileage there.  Or you could say to your friends / partner / goldfish, “I feel like I need a bit more attention.”
You could wear this outfit:
Nicki Minaj
You could let your arse hang out of your jeans, or arrange a wardrobe malfunction to show the world your boobs.   Go to the shops wearing a snuggie and nothing underneath.  Reveal a bare muffin top.  Head to toe marble-wash denim is another great way to stand out.  How about wearing a golf outfit?  *Shudders.*
If you’re a guy, head outdoors in skin tight pants and a hairy chest.  Then strike a pose.
You could wear a dress made of meat, just avoid dogs and extreme heat.  You could wear an outfit made from Kermit-the-Frogs:
You could flash your undies (or lack of) when you get out of the car.   Doesn’t that sound like fun?
How about “accidently” releasing a sex tape of yourself?  It’s a classy way of making sure your name is googled.  It won’t do your career as a… ummmm… oh let me think… Person That Goes To Parties much harm either.   Bonus!
Or you could start a blog.  No, that would be too crazy.

13 thoughts on “Look at Me!!

  1. Most days I go out my door covered in a fine coating of kermit and various other food/toy shrapnel, but I never realized this was cool. Having never previously been cool, I hereby declare you my new favourite fashion reporter–keep up the hilarity.

  2. I love these comments, thank you.

    Not sure how a meat outfit evolves. Is it a case of “I could really go a steak, but there are no butchers near where I'll be. I know…!”

    And surely after a couple of hours you'd really smell? Like wearing a kipper hat. It would stink.

  3. I have never understood the no knicker palaver. Which bit of wearing a short skirt, drinking too much and then getting into a car whilst having your photo taken, means that forgetting your cottontails is a good idea? Cheap publicity though. Very cheap.

  4. So what on earth is a snuggie? I don't know but it sounds good. I like the idea of something made of food stuffs… how about a handbag made of cake, just in case of emergency sugar lows?

  5. Farmer's Wife: no undies + short skirt = dimwit

    Mummysquared while a handbag made of cake is certainly a good idea, I will guess you'd prefer a snuggie. It's a blanket with sleeves! (Also known as a 'slanket.') Genius! Although like the ugg boot, this is best worn indoors.

    Alexander Residence: got that photo from my family album. What, you don't like…?

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