What I Know About Snow

Until recently, the closest I had come to living in snow was defrosting my fridge.

It’s now been snowing for the past three days.  And let me tell you – I would make the world’s worst Eskimo.  I wouldn’t leave the igloo, instead I’d just sit in the corner (a bit tricky in a circular igloo), glowering and demanding more seal fur.  Rest assured no seals were hurt in the creation of this post.

Having said that, the first day of snow was an incredibly beautiful sight.  We spent the morning at playgroup and were the only people outside, skipping around as the snow swirled in the air.  I would imagine that’s a bit like what a Dandruff Party would be like.

People in other parts of London called to ask if the snow had “settled” where we are.  They weren’t asking if the snow was planning to settle with whoever was available now as opposed to waiting for her perfect man.  Surprisingly.  They were asking if there was snow on the ground, or had it all turned to slush.  For slush is the Anti Fun.  I loved the novelty of talking about snow as though it’s a regular part of my life.  “The garden is covered AGAIN,” while rolling my eyes and making sweeping hand gestures.

But by day two there was much Anti Fun.  It was slushy, slippery and muddy.  I’m a relatively intelligent person, well relative to someone with zero intelligence, but I still managed to be surprised to find that snow quickly makes the ground wet and slippery.  Really, it’s made from water?  How about that.

Day three and I was willing my son’s school to be shut so we could admire the snow from the comfort of our home.  No such luck.  I asked his teacher if they expected the school to close and she looked at me like my head was a watermelon.  “It isn’t cold enough.”  Well the maximum today was minus one and there were snowflakes on her eyelashes – which I hope gave her a Fraulein Maria moment.  But it still wasn’t cold enough?  Are you kidding?

I am not nearly as tough as I thought.

Or maybe I just need to update my wardrobe with some serious winter gear.

10 thoughts on “What I Know About Snow

  1. On a completely different note, every time I come to your blog the little security text thing you have to type to prove you are a person is always a variant of a rude word…. Is that weird.

    Todays was “wores” and last time I commented it was “shitta”….

  2. Really?? Wow I feel like such a dick, I'm forever saying how much I hate those weird text thingys without realising this blog has them. Will try to change it now, thanks.

    Wish I could get the credit for all those rude words, but alas…

  3. I grew up in the northern hemisphere, but not in an igloo. For as pretty as the snow can be, there is always the yang (or is it ying) of the Anti Fun slush. Just wait until you experience an ice storm … I'll leave you to imagine. Nice and hot here in Australia. Well make a dust angel for you!

  4. Definitely opt for the shopping solution to the long winter ahead. My parents are on their way to UK for New Year's with family via my brother in US. Never snows whenever they're in the country so you will have respite.

  5. My son's school has been closed for the past two days, but I don't really get why. In Estonia we used to get a day off school only if the temperatures dropped below -15C 🙂

  6. Fussy Eater's Mum: I'll be very happy not to see an ice storm, although seeing it on TV could be OK. Enjoy your summer. I'm loving Sydney friends' Facebook updates, “Where is summer, it's 22 degrees! Freezing!”

    Ms Styling You:Thanks it's always good to get some shopping encouragement. My Mum arrives on Wednesday (YAY!) so believe it or not, I'm actually hoping the snow lasts b/c she'll get such a kick out of it. Then it can go away and come back just for Christmas day, but without melting. So am hoping for a Christmas miracle.

    Oh my god LJB I don't know what I can say to you. Anyone that has lived through minus 15 degrees deserves a pat on the pack, then a good lie down.

  7. Luckily we have not had the snow much here, just an inch or so, all the schools are open. K has a penfriend in Australia and she wants K to send her pictures of building snowmen and stuff because she has never seen snow either. K finds this fact fascinating.

  8. Hope K does send photos! Her Aussie friend would love that. I had a German penfriend who sent me pictures of snow, I still have them. In return I sent photos of my pet kangaroo (yes, really) which at the time I didn't think was that big a deal.

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