Update: Keeping Warm

Schools are shut today for the ice and snow.
When I was young we couldn’t get to school if it RAINED, so this whole snow thing is such a novelty.  Am having a giggle about that now.  When I was ten a tarmac road was built so we could get into town, until then if it rained we had to have “home school.”
Yeah right.  “Home make mud pies and piss about,” more like.
Loving my outdoor fridge.
So it’s a day of puzzles, games, pikelets, stories and CBeebies.  Not sure why the kids don’t like me rewinding anything Andy is in so I can watch it again.

It is beautiful outside, and even more beautiful that I won’t be slipping around in it.

I have a stinking cold with no voice, so I tried telling my 4 and 2 year old children I can’t talk today.  Just because I love an exercise in futility. Maybe we’ll see a miracle happen.  Maybe the kids will insist I rest on the sofa, tucking me up with a doona, hot chocolate and Pretty In Pink DVD.
In case it isn’t obvious, ‘doona’ is Australian for ‘duvet.’  So I’ll finish this post by sharing with you a favourite playground joke of the 80s:
What lies on the end of my bed and sings?
My doona.  (Say it quickly.  Geddit??)
No gardening today.


5 thoughts on “Update: Keeping Warm

  1. My doona, cute! We've got the fourth day in a row of snow… The novelty is wearing off, especially now that the school has assigned the kids LOADS of homework. This is work for parents too as the kids need help. What?! Where's my doona… I want to hide under it.

  2. I'm hoping to resurrect some of those innocent playground jokes, they were fun. Daggy, but fun. Actually there is no UK equivalent of “daggy” – not that I know of anyway…?

    Michelloui I cannot get over how much homework children get, especially young children. Fair enough when they're older, but surely when little kids are not at school they should be doing other things. It bothers me now and we're not even at that stage yet. I'll have to get over it won't I.

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