Shock! Mummy isn’t a Genius

I so love looking like a moron in front of my children.

My son was recently given a Meccano set.  He adores anything to do with building, do you’d be hard pressed to find a better present for him.   The problem lies with me.  I am a dab hand with Lego.  But I met my match with Meccano.  And not just the regular Meccano.  I’m talking about junior Meccano – suitable from the age of four.
This is what the end result is meant to look like:
Here is the smug child on the box.  There is the suggestion that he built it himself.  I will guess his mother is not a mechanical imbecile:
This is what it looked like after an entire afternoon:
When Peter Rabbit is looking at your work disparagingly, you have done a truly crappy job.
My son loved every minute.  So I then suggested we just put various nuts and bolts together and see what we come up with.  He was happy with that, thankfully, otherwise I’d have resorted to telling him we can’t build the bike because there are parts missing.
“Mummy, which are the nuts and which are the bolts?”
“That’s the nut and that’s the bolt.”
“I thought that was the nut and that was the bolt.”
“Oh.  Ummm…. would you like a biscuit?”
Back to the bike.  In my defence, these were the instructions:
So it’s not just me is it?

11 thoughts on “Shock! Mummy isn’t a Genius

  1. Those instructions would be complicated for me to and I love building things! You did great with what you were able to create! It's nice that they can still be distracted so easily still! 😉

  2. My kids are now well aware that their mother is not only NOT a genius, but a total dork….but after all, that's why I had kids in the first place…so someone could tell me how to work stuff.
    Very interested in your first experience of snow….I hope you like it, and don't get fed up with it too soon. We've now had 7 'no school' days up here…we have learnt to sew, built an igloo, been skiing for miles and miles and done no extra homework AT ALL!!!!

  3. I hate Meccano – the nuts and bolts can NEVER be tightened properly and it always makes me throw a tantrum before my 5-year old gets frustrated…

  4. Oh, how I can relate. I have two boys, 14 and 9, who always wanted legos. So many legos.
    I am going to tell you something that you are not going to love.
    It is going to get worse before it gets better. Those damn sets?
    They get more complicated, but the instructions? Stay as exactly ridiculous as that!
    They do get old enough to make it themselves. Eventually. Sorry about that.

  5. My son is now quite taken with his creation and calls it his 'remote control transformer.' So there is a very happy ending.

    But the thought of more complicated instructions? I'll be passing those to his dad.

  6. UnMeccanoDad says:

    Actually, you have it backwards. It's not you, it's them.

    Meccano builds crappy toys with instructions that are incomprehensible. Sorry Meccano, but that's the reality of it. You're a wannabe in a market of excellent construction toys and the block makers (lego etc) have it all over you. You're website is half baked and your design ideas not fully thought through.

    My son got a Build & Play set for christmas that promises to produce mutiple different models. But they put in this new gadget called a clipping screw, which, once affixed, doesn't come apart. How stupid is that? Sorry son, we can't build the other model because this one part doesn't come apart. duh. Their model designers must have meccano for brains.

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