I Could Be Bono’s Cousin

My mum arrives on Wednesday from Sydney and I cannot wait.

She was so excited to hear about the snow – sadly, it’s all gone now.  She did email me asking to put some in the freezer for her so she could see it.  Of course I thought she was joking.  She wasn’t.  Oops.

So I hope it snows again.  Not just for Mum, but also because you can make icecream out of it:      I wish I thought of that.  Just like I wish I invented Post-It Notes.  Sorry if you’re  a seasoned snow resident who already knew how to make snow icecream.  You can probably make a decent snowman too.  I can make sandcastles you’d want to live in (if you are a crustacean) but snowmen allude me.

We’ll have two nights in Dublin together so I can help her with some family tree work.   But if we find we are related to Brian McFadden I want a refund.  Brian if you’re out there – I say that because you released the song, Twisted.  Why Brian, why?

I do find family history interesting, and it’s not just because I have an ancestor called Fanny Rotton.  My great-grandfather ran away to Australia on his own when he was 12.  I’m sure he didn’t do it so later generations will feel inadequate, but still.  A number of people in my family had their passage paid for by the British government for being a big naughty.  Although my grandmother re-wrote history by deciding they were innocent and convicted unfairly, because “we’re all good people, so they can’t have been that bad.”

So yes, they were all framed and not that bad.

In two more sleeps Mum and I can bore each other with such things.  So you’re off the hook.

For now.

10 thoughts on “I Could Be Bono’s Cousin

  1. No offense to the Modern Mother but I recall making snow ice cream while growing up in Philadelphia. It was…um, yuck. But of course I filter my rain water twice before I drink it, so I'm paranoid.

    Good luck searching your roots!

  2. Fanny Rotten…obviously a bit of a character…are well allowed to hazard a guess at her misdemeanour?

    Brings to mind the name of a PA I spoke to the other day…”Sandy Bush”…you'd change your name, wouldn't you….

  3. Maybe you'll be related to me! Hope I'd come under the Bono rather than Brian banner – though now that I think about it I think I hate Bono more. Tough choice.

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