A Bit Up Myself

It’s fun to share good news. The problem is, sometimes sharing such news makes you look a bit up yourself.

So right now I’m risking sounding up myself. I do love the phrase “up myself” though. Every cloud.

The wonderful people at British Mummy Bloggers recently put together their shortlist for their Brilliance in Blogging awards. Congratulations to everyone shortlisted and thank you to everyone who voted.

So congratulations to me, because this blog has been nominated in two categories: “Fresh Voice of 2010” and “Funniest Post of 2010.” I know, I know…. fluke… but still, I’m a bit excited.

If you enjoy my blog, please vote for me – click here for the link. If you don’t like this blog, then vote for another. There are some very deserving blogs shortlisted and it’s fun to check them out. Thank you!

It’s not easy typing while patting myself on the back, and I hope you’ll excuse this self-congratulatory post.

But like I said, it’s fun to share good news.

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