Prince or Plumber?

My copy of the seasonally inappropriate The Australian Women’s Weekly arrived recently.  I love the Women’s Weekly, I always have.  Living overseas, it’s a regular little piece of home.

Although it’s full of great BBQ recipes, swimwear designs and summer salads, it’s still a good read – even in this frigging cold winter.  I was given a subscription for my birthday, and although it firmly puts me in the non-Cosmo reading demographic, I don’t care.  My magazine reading has moved on from “10 Ways to Sure-Fire Orgasm” to “Rebecca Gibney: Looking Good at 46.”

Technically it should be called The Women’s Monthly.  But that would just be ick.

I always skip over the craft articles though.  I will never be the one knitting this “adorable” but evil clown or fashioning an easter basket out of woven, piped chocolate.  However should anyone wish to give me an easter basket made from chocolate, that would be OK.   Just saying.

I’ve often thought my dream job would be to work in their test kitchen.  I need another fresh brownie just to be sure, excuse me for taking my job so seriously…

There was one tiny snippet in this issue that I would like to share with you.  An article by the lovely Jordan Baker includes a poll conducted on 1,000 Australian women.  They were asked, “Who would you rather marry?”  Here are the results:

A tradesman – 46%
A millionaire – 40%
A sports star – 5%
A prince – 5%
An actor  – 4%

I don’t know quite why I was so tickled by this, but I was.  Of course there’s nothing wrong with wanting to marry a prince.  Should you happen to fall in love with one, go for it I say.  But there seems to be something so real and sensible about wanting to marry a tradie over royalty.  And I love the fact that the tradies polled higher than the millionaires.  Now I have nothing at all against millionaires.  Again, should you fall in love with a man who is a millionaire, and that absolutely happens, that’s great.  But wanting to marry one just for the financial perks is a bit sad.

As my husband once said, “You can marry for money, but the hours are long.”   It seems that the women of Australia agree.   Well, at least 460 of them.

Bravo!  (Although my husband just read this and thinks they were all lying.  Hmmm.)

PS: You might have noticed the look of this blog has completely changed.  What do you think?  Like it? Hate it?  Didn’t notice?

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