Excuse Me While I Climb Onto This Soapbox

Are you ready for this?  Sit down.  Remove all sharp objects.  Deep breath.

Here we go…

There is a 10 year old girl in Britain called Destinee Superstar.  It’s true.

Her mother is determined to make her a bigger star than Willow Smith.  And with a name like that, I suspect there is just the teeniest, tiniest bit of pressure.  Yes?

Now child stars are not new.  I’ll put my hand up right now and say I don’t get it – but that’s just me.  Some make me less sick than others.  For example, like or loathe Bindi Irwin, you can’t deny she is a better role model for our daughters than Paris Hilton.

Little Destinee has her first single and video, “Mumma’s Little Princess.”   I just saw it and it made me feel sad for this child singing and dancing her little heart out.  It also made me feel sad for those minutes of my life I will never get back.

This little girl has her own website where you can buy the t-shirt, and tellingly, her mother is in the process of designing her daughter’s jewellery range, clothing line and stationery sets.

Mother and daughter were recently interviewed in the Daily Mail.  I don’t know why I read that paper – it hates fat people, people on benefits and immigrants – but that is a different story.  Mumma was explaining how she is doing all she can so her daughter’s brand appeals to the children’s market, “Her logo is a D with a star that you could have on a bracelet, a necklace, earrings, a hoodie, t-shirt or stationery.  Merchandising is a big, big thing.  Going forward, the D-star logo could be massive.”

There’s something so classy about turning your child into a commodity isn’t there?  When the interviewer asked Destinee if she likes singing, she said that yes she does, “I get happy images about the future.” With her mother’s prompting, she goes on to explain, “I would like a BMW X6 in white with silver chrome, black wheels and a black interior, a Lamborghini in orange with black interior and silver chrome, and an Audi 8 in black with silver wheels.”

And that made me mad.  Mad, I tell you – MAD!

Now a part of me thinks perhaps I am being unreasonable.  I grew up in a comfortable household, we worked and saved to buy special things, but really we wanted for nothing.  This little girl is from more humble beginnings, so who is to say I wouldn’t have felt like that had I been in that situation.

But then I think, to encourage such rampant materialism in a child is so wrong.  And anyway, Lamborghinis are seriously ugly.  Then I went back to being MAD, I tell you – MAD!

Childhood is meant to be fun, not about doing your damdest to please your mother through royalty sales.

I’ll climb down from my soapbox now.  Thanks for listening.  Well, reading.

What do you think?  Am I over-reacting?

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