Awards. I Like Them.

The British Mummy Bloggers Brilliance in Blogging awards were recently announced.  A big congratulations to all the winners – all very worthy and fantastic reads.  Clickhere to see the complete list, and enjoy!  This blog was awarded runner-up for funniest post (My Bathroom is Trying to Kill Me) and I’m really chuffed – they even gave me a pretty badge which you can see on the right.  Thank you to all those who nominated this blog and voted.

In the past few days, this blog has received the following awards from these very talented bloggers:

Life is Good Award from Sydney Shop Girl
Stylish Blog Award from Cross the Pond,  Doing it All for Alleyna, New Mum OnlineStyling You and Bod for Tea
Versatile Blogger Award from DanniiBeauty

Thank you very much for these!

These awards come with rules.  Since there are 2 awards I’ve decided to blend these rules together.  That’s OK isn’t it?  So I will tell you some facts about myself, then answer some of the required questions.

Facts about Moi

1. When I was young, I had a pet kangaroo called Matilda. She was lovely.  But if you weren’t looking she would steal your breakfast. I also unwittingly ate my pet pig and I think that’s why I don’t love pork.

2. Sometimes I feel so alone: am I the ONLY woman who thinks Mr Big is a wanker? He calls his girlfriend “kid” for pete’s sake. And I think Carrie is self indulgent, whiny and (potential pot-kettle-black comment coming up) a bad writer. I know it’s bitchy, but they are fictional characters so it doesn’t count.

3. My husband and I were friends for 5 years before we became a couple. I think that’s cool.

4. I have lost count of the number of scars I have. 15? 20? 30?

5. I’ve never watched Neighbours and I love The Bill. Am gutted it’s been axed. Although it had me convinced that if I moved to London, I would be stabbed.

6. I was riding a motorbike way before I could ride a pushbike.  In fact I’ve never owned a normal bike. That might be why I am really, really crap at riding them.

7. I loathe the phrase “yummy mummy” in the strongest possible terms.  I’m also a bit over full stops being used as emphasis. This. Annoys. Me.


1. If you blog anonymously, are you happy doing it?
Yes.  When I first started blogging, I only told a few people as I was a bit embarrassed.  I recently outed myself to friends and family, some read it, some don’t.  But that explains why you’ll see the odd comment from someone who obviously knows me.  I don’t use any names on this blog, and I don’t like the idea of someone googling my name and finding it. I don’t know why.

Nor do I know why anyone would google my name, come to think of it.

2. What do you see when you really look at yourself in the mirror? 
I see my reflection.  Jeez.
3. What is your favourite summer cold drink? 
Beer – and it has to be cold.  In fact in Australia, if someone asks if you want a “coldie” they are offering you a beer.  Similarly, if someone asks if you have anything “cold in the fridge” they are asking you for a beer.
Having said that, in Bali my pina colada bill was more than our accommodation.

In the spirit of these awards, I’m going to pass them to 3 blogs.  I’ve decided to support some great new ones, and they can choose the award they like the most.  They are invited to stick to these new rules I’ve created, or they can choose to completely ignore them.  Whatever they like.

I have to admit, the writer behind this blog is a good friend of mine.  But I wouldn’t include it if I didn’t think it was great.  It’s brand new, very interactive and has loads of different topics – so whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it here.  Sign up and have fun.  If you like fun.  Some people don’t.

Blocks and Knocks 
This was created in December and from what I can see, this will be her second award.  This blog features beautiful writing and photos.  It’s a lovely read.

Tales of a Tai Tai 
Bridget is an Australian who has just moved from the UK to Hong Kong with her new husband.  This is a blog to watch as she writes about this huge life change.  She won’t respond to comments for now, she’s in Bali.  *Sigh*

PS: this blog has a new address.  It’s now which looks better methinks.  Links to the old blog should redirect, but let me know of any glitchy thingys.

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