My Extremely Busy, Busy Day – Part 1

A special guest post by an anonymous movie star who is married to a famous musician.  With a teeny bit of help from Mid 30s Life.  

This is the first in a series of posts written to help all those busy mummies. No need to thank me, it’s in my nature to always be thinking of others.

7am: I’m up like a shot with the thought of the delicious vial of oxygen downstairs for breakfast.  Yum!  I ate actual food yesterday  – a wheat grass shot with spirulina and some flax seeds.  I don’t feel guilty about it, it’s all about balance.

I wake my children.  This is an anonymous post, so I’ll just call them Lemon and The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music (THAAWTSOM – or “Thaawtsom”).  It’s what we nearly named them.

We head downstairs and get stuck into our busy, busy day.  People are always saying to me, “I don’t know how you do it” and I know I must look pretty amazing to them.  I eat my oxygen – yum! – and make the children their seaweed and astragalus breakfast smoothie.  Thaawtsom starts up again about how Daniel’s mother gives her kids cereal.  Lemon chimes in with “Can’t we ever just have toast?”  Can you believe it?  I don’t have a nutritionist on speed-dial to give my children “carbohydrates.”

Breakfast is the perfect time to run through my packed to-do list.  Today I have to:

– Get the children to school on time, and with their library books too
– Ask my PA to confirm next week’s extra private yoga lesson
– Write a list of next week’s family meals for Sharonista to prepare (not sure of her real name, well it’s only been 4 years and I’m sure Sharonista is nicer than her actual name anyway)
– Decide on look for Saturday’s premiere using yesterday’s photos taken by stylist
– Remind the cleaners I want the tops of the doorways dusted – am convinced they’re carrying some kind of air-borne disease!

Phew!  To be honest, if not for my PA, I would be in real trouble.  She makes all my fitness, hair and beauty appointments. I have a friend whose PA is part-time, I mean, come on!!  What, she only has two salon appointments a week??  AS IF!

The kids are dressed and I am wearing one of the school-gate stories put together by my stylist.  Today is head-to-toe white Prada with hair in messy knot (that took ages actually) with sunglasses so big they have their own postcode.  I’m so glad I’m not wearing that ratty kabbalah string anymore.  What is kabbalah anyway?

But then… crisis.   The phone rings.   I usually have someone here to handle that kind of thing but not today – so I have to answer it.  It is the most dreadful news: my hair stylist is ill which means I shall have to blow-dry my hair myself.  This throws my day completely out but I shall soldier on – I am nothing if not a coper.

It’s so important for us mummies to be flexible.  When something like this happens I will allow myself a momentary panic, I’m only human, but I then centre myself and carry on.

I hope this first installation has been helpful for all those busy mummies out there. After all Sisters, we’re in this together.

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