Be Mine. Please?

If love…

– is all around
– makes the world go round
– is the bridge that links are hearts
– is all you need

…then one day a year dedicated to it sounds reasonable to me.  It certainly holds more gravitas then Labour Day.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about spending money.  If your partner treats you like rubbish throughout the year but sends you amazing flowers on 14 February, there is something wrong.  For us, we exchange cards on the day and I always love to read what he’s written inside.  The man sure can write.  *Sigh*

This week’s listography is “Things I’d like for Valentine’s Day.”  The risk for me is that by writing this,  my husband might feel that he has to rush out and hit the shops.  He absolutely does not.  But in the spirit of listography, here is my list:

1. Diamond earrings
My ears are great.  They have alerted me to oncoming fire engines while I’m driving, they’ve been the reason I could attend to my babies in the night and I have them to thank for my love of music.  But ears are not pretty. So I think it’s only fair to reward mine by decorating them with large, brilliant-cut diamond solitaire earrings in a platinum claw setting.

I have wanted a pair for ages.  I do have bouts of guilt for wanting something so expensive and frivolous.  But then I tell myself that by injecting money into the economy, we are preventing recession.   So buying diamond earrings is a way of serving our country.

2. Flowers
Show me a woman who does not love flowers and I will show you someone very, very strange.   Flowers brighten up your day and your home – just ask Elton John. There have been several occasions when my husband and son go out together, only to return with a beautiful bunch of flowers for Mummy.  Good boys.

Although where there is fern or baby’s breath, I wish there was no fern or baby’s breath.  And while I love roses, I don’t like them red.   Urgh.

At last I get to use a wedding photo.

3. This is not related to Valentine’s Day but…
… I’ll wish for this anyway.

Can the song “Whip My Hair” please cease to exist?  Thank you.

4. I’ll have what she’s having

With apologies to any of my relatives who are reading this.

5. Hand cream / shower gel / bath oil / face mask / bubble bath / makeup / body lotion / detoxifying oceanic body wrap with pureed crustacean…. all of it. 
I am such a sucker for this kind of thing.  You’re probably thinking I always look scrubbed and polished, that I smell like a fruit smoothie and have minimised pores.

You’d be wrong.


What, you don’t do this every day?
Photo from 

So, what do you think?

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