My Pick of the Flicks

If someone asked you to write a list of your top 5 movies, would you find this an easy task?  For me, so much of it depends on my mood.  My top 5 movies can change from year to year, from season to season, from day to day.  So for this week’s Listography, I’ve tried to pick “My Top 5 Movies” ever.  It was hard.

With an obvious exception, this post could also be called, “My, I Really Love Australian Films.”

Gone with the Wind 
I could try telling you why I love this but it’s not interesting reading.  I just do.  I love the costumes, the story, the music, the sets – the lot.

If you need some flirting tips just watch Scarlet in action.  She can flirt with trees.   She’s one of the great characters – strong, complicated, vain and loving.  There is a scene after her husband is killed, and she is sobbing into her mother’s arms.  In fact she is crying because she now has to wear black, not because of her husband.  For she is in love with another man: Ashley Wilkes.  Now to many women, he is quite the love machine.  But why would you fancy those blonde sideburns when there is Rhett Butler?  Why Scarlet, why?  For, despite his moustache, Rhett is a spunk with spunk.  (In the Australian sense of the word, people.  Not the British sense.)

I could analyse this until I’m blue in the face, but I’ll let you off the hook.  Just know that I think it is wonderful, brilliant stuff.

“Oh Rhett, I just cricked my neck.”

I do have one small quibble though.  Does anyone “with a drop of Irish blood in them” really think that land “is the only thing worth living for… worth dying for…”?

Muriel’s Wedding 
This is the story of a woman from Porpoise Spit who is desperate to get married. To anyone.  It doesn’t matter who.  It’s a classic self-discovery movie, where in the end she decides “My life is as good as an ABBA song.  It’s as good as Dancing Queen.”

I love that the actress who is famous for “You’re terrible Muriel” lost a radio phone-in competition for who could say it the best.

“Wait!  Let her finish her orgasm.”

Gratuitous movie trivia: I was confirmed in the Church where Muriel’s wedding was held.  In fact, I was with friends hiding in a bush in the scene where Muriel and Rhonda are talking outside the Church.  I fell out of the bush during filming and Muriel had us kicked out.  Bitch.  What, you found it hard to act a serious scene when five giggling schoolgirls are falling out of plants and landing in front of you?

Historical significance aside, it’s beautifully written and shot, and I cannot hear any of that music without my nose starting to run.  Because I am about to cry.  Not because it has the magical ability to create more snot in the nasal cavity of the person listening to it.

It’s final scene is so powerful it renders every viewer silent.  Not forever though. That wouldn’t be good.

Mark Lee to Mel Gibson:
“Just stare into the distance and don’t speak unless it’s in the script.  Nutter.”

The Man from Snowy River 
I am a real Banjo Patterson fan.  I was given his complete works years ago, and they’re now in storage in Sydney.  I really miss them.   My favourite of his poems is Clancy of the Overflow – I absolutely, completely love every single word.

This film is based on one of his poems, and it also incorporates the character Clancy.  Everyone loves Clancy.  Especially Clancy.  And me.

If you watch this I promise you will never, ever forget the scene of the big horse chase and the music that goes with it.  I also promise you will not forget Tom Burlinson’s acting.  It’s bad.    What Aussie jackeroo will pronounce every letter ‘t’ in “You’ve got the mind of a gutter rat, Curly”?  But we’ll forgive him, for he is Jim Craig and “both he and his horse are mountain bred.”

And when Jim tips his hat to Jessica at the end, the world could explode and I wouldn’t notice.

Don’t get too excited the sequel though.

The Castle
This will be on many an Aussie’s list.  I saw this at the cinema in Australia where the audience roared with laughter, and in the UK where the audience was silent.

So many lines from The Castle are now a part of the everyday Aussie vernacular. It’s the story of an “Aussie battler” family who live right beside the airport.  “It will be very convenient one day if we ever need to fly anywhere.”  It is seriously, frigging funny and nothing I write will do it justice.

So instead I will leave you with a picture of the Kerrigan family.

Eric Bana wearing nylon and still looking good.  Now that is talent.

So there you have it, my top 5 movies.  Honourable mentions go to:

Zoolander: because there is more to life than being really, really good looking.  But not much.
9 to 5: ahead of it’s time, and Dolly Parton is cool.
Twilight: I am a Twihard.  Click here for an explanation.
The Toy Story trilogy: this is perfection.

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