My First Vlog

And the Oscar for cinematography does not go to my 4 year old son.

We were playing around with the camera when it occurred to me to record a vlog. I was given a nifty little tripod to go with the camera, but instead have gone for pre-school arthouse.

I am appalled that the still picture you see here is of my boobs and stomach. In fact, about a third of the video is of this shot. Thanks son. Also, because my son is behind the camera, you have to know that this is not my normal speaking voice. It’s the voice I use when I’m placating a pre-schooler. So in a way it does feel like I’m speaking to you as though you are also four years old. Oops.

I thought about canning it and doing a more polished version. But where’s the fun in that?

Anyway, here it is. What do you think? I think I look crazed and sound a touch saccharine. And as for the headless footage, well, what can you do…

Mute is all very well when Westlife is playing, but I think the time has come for me to get sound on my computer so I can watch other people’s too.

PS: I just discovered that I’ve deleted this from the camera, so I really have no idea what I said. This is not a good feeling. Wish I could lip-read.

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