The Royal Wedding

Onto a more wholesome topic now.

The thing I love about a royal wedding, apart from the obvious weddingness, is that the headline is a good news story. Two people get married and it’s the first item on the news. I like that.

When Charles and Di married, I was at my cousin’s house and we were playing with balloons while watching it on TV. I distinctly remember batting a balloon at my cousin’s head and declaring, “This is the best day of my life!” I might have been a bit of a dramatic child. But it was fun. And now their son’s wedding is around the corner, and we’re in the UK for it. I’m excited. I’ll be more excited to see an Australian as our Head of State, but that is another story.

For this is a story of royal wedding souvenirs. Do you like my new tea-towel?

See those creases?  It’s the way it was bought.
Please don’t think I iron tea-towels.

I was after something a bit tackier. My idea of a royal wedding tea-towel is more like this:

I’m hoping when I look for some royal wedding porcelain it will be of that calibre.

But I have found the greatest souvenir ever.  I pretend I bought it for the kids. Thankfully, they love it so I am quite convincing.

Yes that is a corgi.

It’s a Happyland toy from ELC (Early Learning Centre – such a clever name for a toyshop. “I’m not just buying my kids toys willy-nilly… I’m helping them to learn!”)

I sat back and watched them play. I observed, then when this game was disbanded I swooped in, set the figures back up and took photos. I didn’t have long. Anyone handles my sons dinosaurs at their own peril. Which begs the question – why does my 2 year old do it? She knows the repercussions. Maybe she’s some kind of thrill-seeker. She didn’t get it from me.

The Queen marrying a dog called Bone-Eater.
Prince Philip marrying a guard.
Well OK, the kids didn’t make this one up.  It was me.
Kate is captured by dinosaurs…
…and rescued by an alien.  They take off to the moon.
I’m now realising how dodgy this looks with that bed there.
William hitches a ride to Dinosaur Land on a brachiosaurus.
He is soon surrounded by a t-rex, allosaurus and baryonix.
William is toast.
This is Little Lamb and Pteradon.  They are best friends.
Just thought I’d end on a light note.

I do, however, draw the line with this fridge.

So – are you souveniring up? Or do you think I’m being a bit sad?

Later: a friend has emailed me this.  I’ll take several, please…

I’ve since discovered this is an Aprils Fools joke.  Nice one fellas!

I’ve also picked up one of these tea-cups with a matching set of cork coasters.  So eye-catching.  So tasteful.

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