That First, Fabulous Five

This week’s Listography theme is My First 5 Albums.  It’s part confessional, part musical.  I especially like this theme because just a few days ago my husband and I were discussing the fall of the great album.  Most music is now bought on-line as a single.  While this has its positives, it’s a shame to think fewer people are loving whole albums.
Having said that, please don’t expect a list of five great albums here.
The Bangles- Different Light
I saved to buy this album.  My hard work was rewarded with Susannah Hoffs singing through her nose and pictures of big hair.  I thought Walk Like an Egyptian was the most amazing song ever, and I felt so glamorous and international just by association.  To me, Manic Monday was a work of genius. Then there was Eternal Flame – deep, very deep.
Crowded House – Self Titled Album
Just saying the words “self titled album” makes me feel all musical.  This was given to me by my sister’s then-boyfriend for my birthday, and it was my first ever record.  I loved it then, I love it now.  In fact there is no Crowded House song I dislike. The same goes for Split Enz now that I think about it.
Apart from their music, another great thing about Crowded House is their album artwork.
Paul Hester coming out of a fan.  A fan!
Mel & Kim – FLM
I had a terrible moment writing this list when I couldn’t remember what this album cover looks like.  I found it online, and although I loved it at the time, I don’t remember it looking like this.  Not remembering what one of my very first albums look like makes me feel really old.
Anyhoo, in case you’re wondering, FLM stands for “Fun, Love & Money” as in, “If you’re in confusion, here’s a solution, fun… love… and mo-o-o-oney.”  Did you like “Respectable?”  Because I thought it, y’ know, like, rocked.
John Farnham – Whispering Jack
Farnsy is Australia’s Favourite Son.  He keeps announcing he’s retiring, goes on a “farewell to Farnsy” tour and has so much fun he does it all again the next year. Liking John Farnham is a bit of a guilty pleasure.  Whenever someone tells me they don’t like John Farnham, I don’t believe them.   Nor do I blame them for keeping this a secret.
I still love You’re the Voice, although I will admit the bagpipes are a bit over the top.
I had a great collection of compilation albums, so I tried to work out which were chronologically in the top 5.  This was hard.  There were titles like “Yo, Let’s Go” but I couldn’t recall which year they were around.  Especially “Choose 1985.”
Truth be told, there were so many compilation albums I couldn’t limit it to just one. So I ditched that idea.  Instead…
Dave Dobbyn – Slice of Heaven
This was the first ever vinyl single I bought, is that allowed? Sorry about this, I go on about how singles are killing albums then I put a single into this list.  But this whole time I’ve been writing this post, I’ve had this tune in my head.  In a way I count this as one of my first albums, probably because it was a record in a world of cassettes.
This song hasn’t dated well, but still rates up there for all-time happy songs.  I also love it because I always loved Footrot Flats… despite never having seen the movie.  I know the vast majority of this blog’s readers are going “Footrot what??” because I actually do look at this blog’s stats.
But for the Aussies and Kiwis reading this, I give you this gold nugget of musical happiness:
I used to think his cowboy shirt was really cool.
It wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I discovered Dave Dobbyn is actually quite famous in New Zealand for other songs too. Go Dave!
So there you have it, my first five albums.  What do you think?

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