Chicago the Musical

I’ve spent all day feeling completely un-sexy, devoid of talent and the polar opposite of fabulous. (I just re-read this and found I had written “pole opposite.” There’s a lesson to not write a blog post at 2am. Couldn’t sleep. Will stop this bracketed italics nonsense now. Sorry to interrupt.)

Want to know why?

Last night I saw Chicago the Musical. I spent the evening watching the most incredible, lithe, talented, hot people on the planet. I stared up at them while wearing my thick glasses, eating a bag of Galaxy chocolate and trying not to cough.  Hot stuff.

To be honest I wasn’t really in the mood to go. I was tired and have a cold, so I was sure I’d spend half the show having sneezing fits before falling asleep. But Chicago is such a fast-paced spectacle that you could be anethetised and still not manage a snooze during it.

How do they do it? For example, let’s look at the dances where a chair is used as a prop. They will do handstands on it, whip their legs over it, flip around it like Russian gymnasts – and it all looks so effortless. I just vacuumed this room and couldn’t even be bothered sliding the kiddy-sized chairs out of the way. I can sit in a chair for my country. But don’t ask me to dance around one.

But I digress. The music was fantastic and I loved that the band was on stage, not hidden in a pit.  I’ve had the songs in my head all day. Luckily for everyone they stayed there, you can’t have someone singing “the gun, the gun, the gun…” at the park.

It was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to, and I’d see it again quite happily.  Preferably without a cold.

The cast of Prisoner (or “Cell Block H” in the UK) without Lizzie Birdsworth.
I just had to include this picture to illustrate the similarities in prison garb.
Come on Aussie!

I was given tickets by an organisation called Superbreak, who provide hotel packages, one of them being for Chicago the Musical.  They have a number of different London theatre packages, check out their London Theatre Guide for more details.

Sounds good to me.

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