Just Go Online

I have bought very little furniture in my life.  This is a good thing, for I haven’t enjoyed the bit of furniture shopping I’ve had to do. Although I do dream about furnishing a room from scratch using a mood board, a colour wheel and with money being no object.  All with the help of an interior designer who knows what mood boards and colour wheels are.

In truth, we’ve been extremely lucky.  For the times in your life when you really need furniture tend not to coincide with times when you have much dosh – for most people, anyway. Hello milk crates and garage sales (I love that garage sales don’t exist here in London because people tend not to have garages. Instead we have “car boot sales”… handy for when your car needs a new boot).

We’re lucky because we’ve been given the majority of our furniture.

We inherited all our baby furniture from my sister.   Our son’s beloved racing car bed was a present from my father.  Our dining table was a wedding present to my husband’s parents.  Our dining chairs belonged to my husband’s great-grandfather. Our armchair came from the house I grew up in, and without wanting to sound ungrateful, I’d love to know where the matching footrest ended up. Which I know does sound really ungrateful.

We did buy our bed.  It was a hellish shopping expedition ten years ago, with my husband standing in the middle of the shop loudly asking, “do they install ceiling mirrors?” and cracking inappropriate bedroom jokes.  He’d also pose on a bed on all fours going, “ooh baby…”  That man is immune to embarrassment.  I wish I had won the “we need matching bedside tables” argument. Instead we found a badly handpainted, broken bedside table at a garage sale and paid $3 for it. Which was $3 too much.

We spent years sitting on the floor because we couldn’t decide on a couch.  We actually did have one – a 1970s brown and yellow effort that would say “what do you think you’re doing??” if you sat on it.  I’ve written about it before here.  It was a very good day when we did finally buy one, for we both lost days from our lives spending countless hours shopping together for the perfect couch that didn’t exist.

When misty-eyed new couples talk about furnishing their love-nest, all while one is rubbing their foot up the other’s leg, I scoff. Don’t worry, it’s an internalised scoff where I’m thinking “good luck with that” but smiling politely and going “Oh really? You’ll decide on a couch together in one day? Great!”

Maybe the answer really is to buy all this house stuff online. Which brings me to the point I am being paid to say… are you ready? For this is me dipping my toe into the world of sponsored posts. Anyway, Tesco Direct sell a huge range of home furnishings online. For example, if you need a bunk bed or a mattress, it’s just a few clicks away.  Save yourself some time and perhaps some embarrassment. You’re welcome.

They’ve even supplied the following pictures, which remind me so much of my children’s bedrooms. My kids really work the pristine, show-home look.

Oh girls can be so messy, can’t they?
I love the strategic football and skateboard to give the room an authentic, messy feel.

Have you bought furniture online?
Does the thought of a sponsored post on this site make you run for the hills?
Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?


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