Well Since It’s Wedding Week…

This week’s Listography theme is “5 things I’d change about my wedding.”

While this provides some great reading on other blogs, I initially didn’t think I’d join in. There is nothing I’d change about our wedding, except that keeping the guest list small was an unpleasant challenge.  For a couple that originally didn’t want a wedding, the fact that we loved ours so much was a very pleasant surprise.

I am even perfectly happy with the fact that people mostly remember our wedding for the air guitar.

Time for some gratuitous wedding photos.  By the way, I might not be a natural blonde.

“And when hell freezes over, you can wear your bridesmaid dress again!”

We married under a very impressive tree.  
In close vicinity of an equally impressive yellow cello case.

If I really think about it, I’m sure I can rustle up a few things that could have been done differently. Here they are:

1. Before attending your wedding, it is advisable to unwrap your new shoes.

Yes, this one stopped the earth turning with its significance, I know.

But there I was, a bride skipping along merrily on her way to saying “I do” when my little sister said, “What’s with your shoes?”

They were still wrapped in tissue paper and I didn’t notice. I’m so lucky she spotted this error – just imagine – the whole thing would have been called off and the world would have exploded.  A bit like this:

This may or may not be from Star Wars.

2.  When marrying in a park, it is best for the gate to be open so you can enter it and attend your own wedding.

We sat in the car for at least half an hour, waiting while someone came to unlock the gate. At least it was a very nice car. The driver was visibly fuming and I think that’s why he didn’t help me out when we finally arrived.

At least the other, non-car, gate at the other side of the park was open so our guests showed up.  Every cloud…

3. Signing your marriage certificate is a good thing. Losing it on your wedding day is not.

Below is the proof that it was signed.  Although in truth, I only included it so you could see my manicure. Sadly the certificate has not been seen since.  Nor have my nails looked anything like that.

4.   Don’t tell my heart, my achy breaky heart…

We were married in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney.  This is beside another park called the Domain, where Carols by Candlelight was being held on the same night.   The special guest that year was David Hasselhoff and he sang Achy Breaky Heart (loudly) as we were saying our vows.  Spontaneous singalong, anyone?

Actually, I really liked that.

5.  When marrying outdoors, check dress and veil sporadically for twigs, leaves and dirt.

This is because a friend picked big twigs out of my hair that had been there for the entire ceremony.  The dress has been cleaned but the grass stains remain.

But the truth is, I quite like that too.  I can feel another wedding photo coming on…. here is our Best Man making us reenact the time my now-husband called to ask me out, explaining he’d just asked someone else and she said no.  Yup.

Over to you – what would you change about your wedding day?

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