Hands Up Who Likes Spa Breaks?

What a difference 24 hours makes. We’ve gone from the news being all about a wedding to Bin Laden. With all things terrorism back in the headlines, how quickly we’ve crashed back to earth. Serious moments call for frivolity so here I am, writing about something especially light and fluffy.

With the same attitude that sees lipstick sales increase during recession, I am going to write about beauty as an antidote to the news.

Mention my back fat and you’re dead.

This is a sponsored post, by the way. Please don’t let that put you off. Do keep reading, and if you’re feeling extra generous, click on some of these links. Go on. You know you want to.

Beauty is such an enormous topic, you could dedicate blog after blog after blog to it. Real beauty, as we all know, is on the inside. But this post is touching on the superficial, indulgent, fluffy-towel, luxurious kind of beauty.

If you haven’t come across it already, let me introduce you to Wahanda. I think I just felt the same rush a professional match-maker feels.  Wahanda is a website where you can find and book health and beauty deals in the UK and Europe.  I also noticed there’s an advice section where you can post your beauty problems and have complete strangers tell you what to do.   There’s also a bridal section, so if you’re getting married, you might even outshine a certain Duchess.

Then again, you might not.

Fresh from my linen cupboard.

Ever been on a spa break?  I haven’t.  (And you thought I was a woman of the world! Didn’t you?  Well, I’m sure one of you did.)  But looking at these spa weekends makes me wonder what I’m missing.  Then there are these spa days in London.  Not bad, is it?

Let me add one caveat – I’m all excited as long as I am guaranteed I don’t get a running commentary during my facial. It’s hard to relax to “I’m now applying the toner made from pure botanical extract, infused with pomegranate so you’ll smell like a Tel Aviv juice bar and reasonably priced at ninety pounds a pot… goodness, don’t we have nasty sun damage? (Oh piss off,  you skinny cow) I recommend a course of ten peels which I can book you in for straight away…”

Although, throw in some champers and I’ll listen to anything.

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