Introducing FROCK IT

Don’t we just love a good frock? And let’s not forget the rotten ones, for we love them too.

Looking through the papers and magazines this week got me thinking. It sounded a bit like this, “Hmmm. I’m thinking.” I was thinking that I could easily pick a different frock for a blog post every day of the week.

But then this blog would be dresses and not much else.

I thought again. “Hmmm. I’m thinking.” I wondered if others would like to play? So I’m starting a new meme which I’m going to call FROCK IT. I’m a bit nervous that no-one will want to join in – the same nervousness I felt when I first started blogging. But, rather predictably, “what the frock.”
So if you, like me, love a good frock, I would love you to play along!
If you love to frock, this badge is on the right-hand side of the page.

It’s very simple. Just pick a frock that caught your eye during the week. It could be a friend in something stunning, an item in a shop, a celebrity whose dress nearly blinded you, an old photo from the family album – whatever you like. But you can only pick one. There can be as many photos of this one dress as you like. You can write about it or let the picture speak for itself. Then link back here and we can see each other’s choices.

I’m aiming to do this at the beginning of each week, with the link open for seven days. But I reserve my right to stuff up from time to time. I’ll also be throwing the odd theme in.

So, I give you my first FROCK IT.

Quick! Someone call Fireman Sam! 

Oh dear.

Here is an Olsen. It’s safe to say she could have her pick of dresses from the leading fashion houses. Instead she chose this. Inspired by a heat rash set alight and left to smoulder on a pub carpet, it’s a Givenchy dress – and the label is where all positives end. Shapeless and unflattering,  it does this pouter no favours.

If you like it, maybe you can help me see it from a different perspective?

Which frock caught your eye this week? (Royal wedding, anyone?)

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