Simple Pleasures

I just love this week’s Listography theme of “Top 5 Simple Pleasures.” These are the uncomplicated, inexpensive, wonderful things that can turn that frown upside down.

I’m so sorry to have put that rhyme in there. But I knew I was going to include it somewhere on my blog one day. See what I mean about simple pleasures?  I decided I’d leave the ones to do with family and friends out of it.  Otherwise the list would look a bit like this:

– My kids laughing / smiling / saying “I love you” / singing / playing…etc.

And that wouldn’t be much to read, would it? So here we go:

Stick a vase of flowers in a room and it’s instantly beautiful. Anywhere is good – beside your bed, in the bathroom, on a windowsill, I could go on. Don’t have a vase? Just cut a large soft-drink bottle in half. You weren’t expecting handy home tips from me, were you? Nor was I.

As much as I love a large bunch of flowers in an equally large vase, a small vase with one perfect flower is just as beautiful. If you’re in Australia, you can’t go past Bison for vases. No this isn’t a sponsored post.

Picked from the garden…

There are times when picking flowers just feels wrong. If a flower takes your breath away in the garden, leave it where it is. And enjoy.

…while this stays in the garden.

A spritz of perfume every morning makes me happy.  I could be in trackies, with manky hair and a shirt of questionable style but I will smell expensive, dammit.

Quality, freshly laundered sheets
There’s nothing like a bed with clean, beautiful sheets – the higher the thread count, the better.  Having been raised on a cotton farm, they have to be pure cotton. Away with your blends!

Make me a cup of tea and I am yours. Make me a cup of tea in a teapot, with a proper teacup and saucer accompanied by a biscuit and I am yours forever.  If it’s first thing in the morning, and combined with hot, golden, thick toast with the perfect butter to vegemite ratio – even better.   In bed please.  On a tray.  With a magazine.    So I can find my next dress for FROCK IT (I just had to plug it here, sorry).

Food and wine
Der.  This hardly needs explaining.

So there you have it.  What are yours?

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