Thank you so much to those who joined in last week’s inaugural FROCK IT. Every entry was a cracker.

I’m really sorry.

Welcome to the second. Look, it has a badge and everything! I hope you play along, or at least enjoy this week’s offerings.  Just to re-cap,  all you have to do is pick just one frock that caught your eye this week.  It could be something beautiful you saw when out and about, it could be a celebrity reminding us that money does not buy taste, it could be something from your wardrobe, etc. There can be as many photos of this one dress as you like. Whether or not you write about it is up to you.  Then link back and we can see each other’s choices.

The badge code is somewhere on the right-hand side if you would like it.

Let’s frock.  For me, the dress of the week was courtesy of Lady Gaga.

Where to start?  Well, I like the colour.  That’s the niceties done.

“I’m a little teapot…raaaah!”

Her shoes are taller than my step-ladder. Do you think she’d change my light bulbs if I asked her to?

“Do I have something on my boobs?”

Every woman knows sheer can be beautiful when done well.  Not when it reveals two squares of nipple tape and a squashed iridescent bosom.

“I *heart* Mid 30s Life.”
“Don’t we all?”

But is it art?

Now it’s your turn. Did a frock catch your eye this week?

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