We arrived in the UK a year ago today.  So a big happy anniversary to us!

If you had said to me a year ago that I’d be marking the occasion with a FROCK IT, I would have said “What’s a blog and frock what?” But here we are, and I’m dedicating the third FROCK IT to our first 12 months in the UK. I hope you join in.  Hooray!

Fussy Eater’s Mum has requested a theme this week – Cannes.  It’s hardly got anything to do with spending a year in Britain, but her wish is my command. So if any frocks from the Cannes Film Festival caught your eye this week, please come along and play FROCK IT with us.  To make the theme easier and hopefully encourage more Frocksters, you can include a dress from previous years.  There’s bound to be some good ones.  And bad ones.  I’m not convinced by the word “Frocksters” either.

Although a part of me is wondering if having a theme is shooting this meme in the foot. Ooh – rhyme time.  It’s sublime.

To recap:  FROCK IT is about sharing pictures of dresses.  It’s where you pick one dress that caught your eye during the week and post it on your blog. You can write about it or let the picture do the talking. Then link back here and we can all gawk at your choice.

Here is my choice for the week:

How can I turn around to do an over-the-shoulder pose with this train?

This is Rachel McAdams wearing Marchesa.  When I first saw this dress, I fell in love with it.  When I went back to it for this post, I thought it was hideous. Tomorrow I might love it again. Now I know how real turmoil feels.

Ah – that’s better.   Step on this train and you die.

I can’t decide.  Did I like it initially because I let my love of The Notebook cloud my judgement?  Is it because the red swirls reminded me of the wallpaper in the ladies loo at The Oak, Double Bay (although I think it’s been refurbished since my school days)?  Is it because I share her first name?

Hope the magazines say I rocked this dress.    Everyone else rocks their dresses.  Why can’t I?

I do love red.  Although I don’t love red that looks like body paint. But it would be fun to wear – rather like wearing a cape. Hmmm.  Love?  Hate?  Love?  Hate?  I feel like that Pretenders song was written for this moment.

OK this train is annoying me now.

I can’t decide.  What do you think?

I’m very excited about seeing which frocks you pick.  Happy anniversary to us again… and frock on.  xx

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