For the Boys

I’ve touched on the pejazzle before on this blog. OK, so “touched on” is bordering on inappropriate here. So let’s just say that in the past I have mentioned the word “pejazzle.”

At the time, I was mostly talking about vajazzles. If you’re new here, and may I say how worldly and intelligent you are, I’ll give you a quick recap. A vajazzle is where you replace the hair “down there” with a pattern made from Swarovski crystals and an adhesive that I hope is dermatologically tested. The pejazzle is for the men. I think it must have been invented by someone called Peter, hence the “pe” prefix. I can’t think what else it would be.

After mentioning it before, I thought that would be the end of it. But here I am again. It seems the vajazzle is so yesterday. Now, it’s all about the pejazzle. It’s the guys’ time to shine. Literally.

According to today’s Daily Mail (why do I read it? Why?? Why?? I don’t hate everyone), salon owners report that 40% of customers after glittering bits are men.

Yes. Men are pejazzling.

Among the most popular patterns are:

This is the iron cross.  So manly!
Not sure what this is.  It reminds me of a Dorito.
Mmmmmm.  Doritos.
Hello, Hot Lips.

Just like the vajazzle, men can have this done professionally at a salon, or buy a take-home kit for some DIY of another kind. I’d recommend the professional version. No man wants to DIY some hot lips to their hot rod and end up with something looking warty and pustulant.

Now, each to their own and all that. If you want to attach little glittery stickers to yourself you absolutely can. But I don’t know what woman would find it attractive. It’s like dating a man who takes longer in front of the mirror then you do. I know it happens. But not in my world.

Do you fancy some pejazzle in your life?

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