You Know You’re Raising UK Kids When…

They beg you for an ice lolly (and you have no idea what they are asking for).

At last I have a (vague) reason to use a picture of a Gaytime.
I miss them.

It’s 12 degrees and they are completely happy wearing a t-shirt.

When they scratch themselves they will ask for a plaster.  I think they’re being a bit dramatic asking for a plaster cast.

They will be scared of a big fly.  Conversely, they will see a spider in the garden and not immediately run to tell me.  They might even touch it.  *Shudder*

The funnel web – which is not in my English garden.  Hurrah!

They use the words, “brilliant” and “marvellous.”  I think the only time I’ve said “marvellous” was when reading George’s Marvellous Medicine or singing along to The 12th Man.  “Yes indeed it really is a marvellous effort, that.”

This one’s for the Aussies.

The words “pants” and “trousers” have 2 very distinct meanings.  Not only that, but they will actually use the word “trousers.”

They pronounce the letter t.  I’m repeating myself here, but I’m sure that’s allowed.

Over twenty degrees is hot.

After scoring a goal in football / soccer, they celebrate by yelling “goooooal!” and running around like a bird.

Errr… we’re not quite at this level.

They get excited by “cool trainers.”

When trying to reach something up high, they will say the phrase “However will we get it down?”  To which I just go “Huh?”

It’s 15 degrees and they will be perfectly happy to wear swimmers and run around in the water play area of the park. Meanwhile, Mummy is freezing.

Should the sun make an appearance in winter, your 2 year old will shield their eyes from it. “Ouch, the sun! It hurts my eyes!”

When you ask them what colour the sky is, one will say “grey” the other will say “white.”

Your kids are the only ones wearing hats in the playground.

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