Frock It #4

This time, I’m not being a total cow about a celebrity’s frock.  For this week’s frock is mine.

Here is the last frock I bought.  It’s been a long time between dresses, but the other week I walked past Monsoon and this dress slapped me over the face and went “I’m pretty! I’m floaty! Buy me or something horrible will happen!”  I tried it on, but was strong and walked out.

Like an annoying song, think Ace of Base, I couldn’t get it out of my head.  It’s perfect for a very dear friend’s wedding in Sydney in December, which I am desperately hoping to make it to.  Plus I love it.

I told my husband about it.  He said it could be my birthday present, although it’s not yet my birthday.  This was the right answer.  Good man.

So here it is:

Mum, don’t worry.  I do use all my padded, embroidered coathangers.

But then I decided this photo didn’t do it justice.  It needed to be worn.  This was tricky with no full-length mirror and, you know, with me being the person to wear it.

The maxi:  perfect for those days when you want to look pregnant.

This just made me feel like a dickhead.  What if people think I think I’m some kind of model?  And it still doesn’t really show you the whole dress.  But still – you get the picture. Now I just need a new pair of wedges and we are in business. But they’ll have to be for free. Easy!

As an aside – the dress code for an English wedding is worlds apart from what you would wear to an Australian wedding. An English wedding outfit is very much racewear in Australia.  Which begs the question: what do you wear to the races in England? I say England not the UK, as I wouldn’t have a clue about weddings in Wales / Scotland / Northern Ireland… all I know has been from Four Weddings and a Funeral and some prince’s recent wedding. Although I have seen Gavin & Stacey. I presume they’re much the same, but maybe by saying that I’m offending someone.

So if you want to play Frock It this week, and I hope you do, maybe you could share with us the last dress you bought.  Otherwise just pick anything that caught your eye this week.

Frock on! xxx

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