In the Comfort of Your Own Home

I’ve discovered Aerobics Oz Style is on TV here in the UK. “Right here! Right now! Pump it… Right here! Right now! Pump it…”

There is nothing more perky, more “come and join us!  We’re just like you! Noooo… you’re not fat at all!” than Aerobics Oz Style.  And it only goes for half an hour so it doesn’t require a full commitment to excercise.  It’s more “OK I’ll give it a go” than “Sign me up for the full monty.”

Note the obligatory “leg forward” pose.
Is the one on the left wondering if the producers think she has bad arms?

It’s just one of those staples that’s always there. You could not excercise for years, then wake up and wonder if your stomach is really meant to be touching your knees.  You can turn the telly on, and sure enough, “Right here! Right now!”  A troop of smiling faces (they smile through the whole thing – how?  Who smiles while doing aerobics? Have you tried it?), lycra swaddled to within an inch of their lives, willing you to join them.

I like to find streaks in their fake tans.  If you’ve ever watched it, have you noticed that the slightest breeze ruins their audio? Or if a plane flies overhead, all you hear is that Qantas jet and you can forget about hearing what the instructor is saying.  But one of the most satisfying aspects is trying to pick the presenter who has been nominated “easy option” for that show. This means they’re stuck at the back, doing their push-ups on their knees while the others all get to do the tricker excercises. I wonder if that pisses them off.

Being a Sydney girl, I love the locations where they film – although, obviously, when living in Sydney I didn’t notice.  I also love the little chats they have throughout the show.   “Today we’re filming at the Homebush Archery Centre where you can come along and, you know, do archery” and the more random “I love frogs. They’re so cute! Now lift those arms…”

I always do aerobics in my undies.

I’ve just done a little workout actually, followed by several choc-chip cookies we made yesterday.  I feel great. The cookies had oats in them so they’re bound to have high (or low?) GI (or is it GO?  GA?  No idea).

“Right here! Right now! Pump it.”

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