Top 5 Albums by a Band

This week’s Listography is hard.

I know it isn’t a competition, but Kate’s list is really, really cool.   In this house, we mostly listen to The Wiggles, with some Bob the Builder Appetite for Construction thrown in.

I’ve written and re-written this post a couple of times.  If I don’t post this right now, this list will change again and it will never be published.  So here we go, in no particular order… oh, and three of them are Australian so some of you might think I’m just making stuff up.

Pulp – Different Class
This is the one album that was never removed from the list.  It’s a cracker.  I keep finding new favourite parts to it, my current is “Just keep on moving…” in Sorted for E’s and Wizz.  But I’ll have another favourite bit next week.

I have to admit I have trouble reconciling this music with the sight of Jarvis Cocker.  I’ll just add an “in the nicest possible way” to that so I’m not such a bitch.

Travis – The Man Who
It was a hard call to pick one album.  I decided on this one because it’s a reminder of an especially happy period for me, also for the song Driftwood.

Powderfinger – Odyssey Number Five
Again, it was hard to pick my favourite Powderfinger album.  They’re all on the i-pod now so they just get mixed up anyway.  But I’ll go with Odyssey Number 5 for the songs My Happiness and My Kind of Scene.  *Phew*

The Superjesus – Jet Age
For me, this album is like a favourite coat.  I might put it away for a while, but I’ll always come back to it and enjoy.  It reminds me of a fantastic beach holiday with my husband camping, canoeing (well he canoed, I sat and occasionally got told off), etc.   Sadly, the songs at the end never got much of a look in.  Sorry Superjesus.  But I listen to the others enough to make up for it.

Midnight Oil – 2,000 Watt RSL
This is cheating slightly, as it’s a “best of” album.  I wasn’t a fan in their heyday.  My husband got me into them in my twenties, so I missed the Midnight Oil boat in some respects.  To be honest I haven’t heard all the albums, in my opinion their best songs are all on this so it’s all I need.  And I love it.  I have great memories of driving back from the beach in Perth (North Cott) with that sunny beach feeling, windows down, US Forces or Kosciusko very loud and a weekend of fun ahead.

Honorary mentions to early U2, The Killers, Crowded House, Coldplay and George’s Polyserena.

There, that wasn’t too hard now was it?

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