Reading Tolstoy Apart But Together

I miss my friends in Australia. Two doors down from our place in Sydney lives a very good friend of mine, who was also my cinema buddy.  Discussing the movie with her afterwards was as much fun as the actual film. Unless the film was shite.

Books are Karin’s passion and I love reading her book blog, Pages Et Cetera. She recently wrote about her love of Tolstoy and it turns out we’ve read the same Tolstoy novels. I commented that I’d always meant to read War and Peace, and the next thing I know…

It’s the Great War and Peace International Reading Collective.

He might have been a genius but that doesn’t make his beard OK.

We’ve both agreed to start reading War and Peace on 1 June. It’s not a race, there’s no deadline, it’s just two friends on the opposite sides of the world reading a ridiculously big book at the same time.

So if you never got around to reading it, you’re welcome to join us. I tweeted about it the other day and we have Debbie from Scotland (@macdeby) reading it too. So it’s three of us. Hello Debbie!

If you’d like to read it too, leave a comment here or on Karin’s blog.

I’m just a bit excited.

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