A Pre-Cybermummy Hello

On 25 June is Cybermummy.  This is the UK conference for parent bloggers, and I can’t wait.  I’m not entirely sure what to expect, but that’s half the fun.

Lots of bloggers have been participating in this meet and greet as a way of introducing ourselves to each other before the big day.  I heard about it, forgot about it, and am now doing it.  So here it is, and a big HELLO!  See, it was even in capitals.  That’s how big that hello was.

Name: Rachel.  I did try to keep this blog nameless but am now admitting defeat.

Blog: This Mid 30s Life.  Which you already knew because you are here.

Twitter ID: @Mid30sLife.  I never thought I’d get into Twitter, it sounded horrible to be honest.  But I am a recent convert.  Worldwide gossip and fast!  What’s not to like?

Height: 5ft 5

Hair: Medium length and very naturally blonde.  Amazing how I woke up one morning and my hair had gone from dark to light.  I have The Secret to thank… although I’ve never read it.

Eyes: Two.  Blue.  Never tired-looking, red or problematic.  Nooo.  They are soulful, piercing, smouldering and always further enhanced with the expert application of very expensive makeup.  Yeah.

Likes: The Sound of Music

Dislikes: Being shown someone’s mouth ulcer.  I don’t doubt it’s sore and I don’t need to see it to sympathise.

Now for the obligatory photo.  You have to work out which one is me – think of it as brain training.

Yep, it’s the second one.  The last photo was just some body double work I did, so it’s actually Cameron Diaz’s face.

See you at Cybermummy!!  xxx

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