Frock It! #5: With Apologies to the People of Ireland

My Frock It! contribution this week showcases the best in diplomatic dressing.

This week, the Queen was the first reigning British monarch to visit Ireland in 100 years.

Among many outfits, she wore a dress embroidered with 2,000 shamrocks. I went to Ireland last year and I didn’t do that. I hate being outshone so. But still, let it be known that I did wear a green(ish) top at one stage.

“Yes, all these diamonds are real.  Every single one!  Tra la la!”
“At last I get to wear my shamrock dress.”

Even her tiara is called the “Girls of Britain and Ireland tiara.” Is there a tiara in the world with a simple name, like Sharon, I wonder?   Anyway, I would have liked something a bit more like this:

Or this:

And these glasses would have made a less subtle statement:

Seriously though, I was impressed.  But not as impressed as I would have been had she dressed as a sexy leprechaun:

If you’re new to Frock It, it’s very simple. Just pick one dress that caught your eye this week – it could be good, bad or downright ugly. It can be from your wardrobe or a friends, or it could be worn by someone famous… anything you like. Pick one dress, post about it and link back so we can all admire / laugh / feel ill.

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