The Merkin. I Had No Idea.

I’m starting to sound a bit obsessed with “down there” beautification.  I’ve written about the vejazzle, the vajacial and the pejazzle.  That really is enough.  To keep harping on about such things would just be creepy.

But today I stumbled upon another little doozy.

It started when I tweeted about this Frock It! post by Mums Mutterings.  It was about this dress:

Next thing I knew, I got this message back:

altait – Allison Tait
@Mid30sLife Good Lord – that is the biggest #merkin I’ve ever seen. Not that I’ve seen that many. But still…

I had no idea what she was talking about.   And when you go on Twitter and ask, “Sorry but what is a merkin?” you’ll get answers like these:

peabee72 – Paula Battle
@Mid30sLife Bwah ha ha ha ha ha etc etc

rhythmblog – Karen Charlton
@Mid30sLife @altait You may regret asking that question. Can I suggest Wikipedia? #merkin

… to name just a few.  I was even sent a picture by way of explanation.  Ah Twitter, always first with the big issues.

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