The Big Day is Here. My Book is Not.

You can relax, my book has arrived.  I know it’s been upsetting but you’ve proven your stoicism and I commend you for it.  I still have one parcel that Royal Mail deny exists, but still, I can join the GWAPIRC at last. 


There once was a blogger who agreed to read a very big book from 1 June.

She wrote about it here.  Her friend wrote about it there.  Together, they had organised the Great War And Peace International Reading Collective.

Others joined up.  It was exciting.  The blogger in question warned her husband that from 1 June the bedside lamp will be on well into the night.   He wasn’t thrilled but got over it.  It’s what you do when you have no choice.

1 June arrived.

But this blogger’s copy of War and Peace did not.

Yes my friends, the blogger in question is me.  This is a problem, as Royal Mail does not like me.  They take great joy in losing parcels intended for my address. When I got to the front of the Post Office queue today, the man behind the counter wordlessly handed me a complaint form, as if on cue. I gave him my best “Oh I will!” as I took it and went to storm out. My 2 year old then ruined the whole effect by staying behind and doing a little jig for everyone. Humph.

The co-founder of the GWAPIRC has gone ahead and started reading War and Peace without me.  Being in Australia, she’s ahead of me anyway with the time difference. Meanwhile, I am in London complaining to Royal Mail in the hope it will arrive out of thin air tomorrow.

Not that I’m bitter of course. I’m perfectly content to be reading a book without the actual book.

But my fingers are crossed. And Royal Mail are officially off my Christmas card list.

Has anyone else started without me?

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