Behind the Scenes of a Blog

Blogging is fun.

I love writing little snippets every few days about whatever I like. If that gets a comment, it’s a warm and fuzzy bonus to know someone has just read my drivel.

There are also a couple of things that go on in the background that I thought I’d share with you. I know many of you have your own blogs, so this is nothing new if that’s you. Rhyming without even trying. Giddyup.

Anyway, I can click on a page of statistics that tells me how many people are reading this. Either you’re into stats or you’re not, and while I’m certainly interested in the numbers, it’s not something I get too excited about. What I really love about this page is the list of words people searched for in order to find this blog.

Here are some examples, and no, I didn’t make them up:

“Help yourself, muff.”
“Big housewife.”
“Turkey hot sex.”
“The mood to slash.”
“No knicker.”
“A bit up myself.”
“Dinner with no shirt on.”
“The fact that I came.”
“Hot stuff.”
“Sex positions tick them off.”

And my personal favourite: “Housewife looking for sex in Homebush.”

I’m not sure what that says about this blog. So if you found this by searching for any of those phrases, maybe you could enlighten us as to what exactly you were looking for. Except if you’re in Homebush. We get it.

Then I get to see where in the world readers are. Don’t worry, I don’t have your address, nor can I see what you are wearing – although I hope, just out of courtesy, you’ve dressed up for me. There is something satisfying about seeing a list of places I’ve never heard of before, and knowing someone there just read this. Below I’ve picked a few places at random, and am sending a big cheery “hello!” to those of you in:

Leighton Buzzard, UK
Wilmette, USA
Buchenberg, Germany
Kilauea, USA
Peebles, UK
Marilag, Philippines
Tallinn, Estonia
Quatre Bornes, Mauritius
Tuckerton, USA
Brandon, Canada
Fortaleza, Brazil
Himeji, Japan
Sydney, Australia (I’ve heard it’s really nice there)

That’s all from me until we play Frock It! again. Get those frocks ready…

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