This week’s Listography is “The Top 5 Decisions I’m Glad I Made.” Initially I included study and my career, then when I read it I sounded like a bit of a tool. Which begs the question, at what point can you call your succession of jobs a “career?” Just a thought.

But before you read this list, I have a favour to ask. Please click  this link to sign the No Child Born to Die petition. It’s asking world leaders to fully fund vaccines for the world’s poorest children. The campaign only has six days to go, so please sign it today and ask everyone you know to sign it too. Vaccination should be for everyone, not just those whose governments can afford it. Thanks.

Anyway, here is my list.

1. Groveling to ex-boyfriend to win him back.

I’d say this was my all-time best decision. Take it from me, should you decide to try to win an ex back, you need to check your dignity in at the door and be very, very patient.

Take this phone call as an example. Ignoring the sign my friend had put on my phone saying “DO NOT CALL HIM YOU IDIOT” I called him. This was the conversation after the hellos:

“Why are you calling?”
“Oh! Ummmm… oh, I know – well, the other week you had a cold. And I thought, you know, no-one likes having a cold. So, (giggle giggle) I thought I’d call to see if you were, like, all better! So, ummm… are you, you know, better?”
“Yes, thanks. All good. Really have to go though.”
“Oh yeah OK ha ha ha….!”

But I persisted, he caved and we’re now married with 2 kids. Good decision.
*Pats self on back*

2. Travelling
I wouldn’t say I’m the most well-traveled person, but I’m lucky enough to have seen a little bit of the world. Travel is good for you in every possible way.

3. Marriage / babies
Yes I am lumping these two together, hand-in-hand. Actually, I don’t really think of these as decisions. My husband might disagree, but I don’t think I ever went “Aha! And now I will get pregnant.” I’m not saying anything was unplanned. But there was no weighing up the options, no actual deciding, it’s just what we did. And I’m so glad.

4. Moving
I’m not a big fan of change. I love a comfort zone, it’s why it’s called a “comfort zone.” However my husband really embraces all things new, so a push here and a shove there, and we’ve moved. In this case, to a different country. And although I never want to move, I’m always happy once we have.

5. Location, location, location
When househunting, excuse my boasting but I always find us a great area to live. Sorry, to keep this in context I should say “I always decide on a great area to live.” Always leafy, friendly and safe. I am stating right here that I am talented in this area. Someone has to acknowledge my talents, when my son and I were talking about talents recently I asked him what was mine. “Mummy, you’re really good at finding triangles.” I so wanted to tell him how great I am at picking a good area to live, but I let it go.

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