A Genius In Your Midst

If you’ve been reading this blog lately, you might remember I’m reading War and Peace. This is part of the Great War and Peace International Reading Collective. It has been pointed out that I’m doing this just to look intelligent, and yes, that is correct.   I can’t get anything past you lot, can I?

The desire to appear clever aside, I have made a startling literary discovery.

The other day the kids were watching Thomas the Tank Engine. I was walking past and heard one train say to the other, “I don’t like ghost stories.”

Realising I had just read that exact sentiment, I stopped in my tracks. Did you notice my use of the word “tracks?” Hope so.

Prince Ippolit: “It’s not going to be a ghost story? Because I hate ghost stories.”

That can’t be a simple coincidence.  Who doesn’t love a good ghost story?  Well, I don’t, but I quickly discounted that.

This got me thinking about the incredible similarities between this Tolstoy novel and Thomas the Tank Engine. How about this:

Thomas the Tank Engine
Emily to Diesel: “Well, there’s nothing special about smelly old Diesels. I haven’t time to listen to you… Why should I listen to a smelly out diesel?”

War and Peace
Anna Pavlova greeted him with the nod she accorded to the lowest hierarchy in her drawing room.


And how many times do trains feature in Tolstoy’s novels? Well I have done the research, and let me tell you how many times: LOTS.

So I have come to the only logical conclusion.

Leo Tolstoy was a huge fan of Thomas the Tank Engine.

Who knew? I’ll tell you. No-one. It’s my discovery.

Literary historians: form an orderly queue please.

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