A Very Modern No-No

For this post, I’m handing you over to my sister. Copying and pasting her recent email to me is a lazy post, I agree, but I just had to share. Names have been changed because I’m going along with the done thing. I’d also just like to say that I have her permission to publish this. See you back here on Tuesday for Frock It!

My friend Anne and I had the strangest conversation this morning. An acquaintance from school who has kids in our kids’ classes came over to us at the cafe for a chat. Chat chat chat…

This woman is a nurse who is apparently working for some botox and filler clinic. She’s about 50 and looks as though she has botox as her upper lip is a bit duck-like if you know what I mean, a permanent pout. Anyway we’re just chatting away and suddenly she touches the side of my eye and says “Oh seeing these wrinkles, I really think you should both think of starting Botox before it’s too late.”

I mean – what? Seriously????? Then she started telling us the different costs, the different types and how long they last and what impact it would have. OMG. She walked off and Anne just burst out “How rude was that?”

Later I just had to text Anne to tell her she looks like an old bag and needs botox.

How funny?

At what age should anyone start using Botox? Why would you start??? Personally I’m happy in my own skin and think it’s just for vain types with nothing better to do. Am still laughing.

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