Frock It! #8

All the frocks that caught my eye this week were at Royal Ascot.

So my contribution to this week’s Frock It! is not entirely about the frock. As every girl knows, the races are all about what’s on your head.

Just add crackers, quince paste and some pinot grigio.

Now I do happen to like the frock. But with a hat like that, the frock is hardly the point.  Truth be told, I’m a teeny bit jealous.  I wish I could balance an over-sized cheese platter on my head, while managing to strike a pose.

Is this the perfect hat?  Not only is it bound to satisfy any hunger pangs, but it has the added advantage of covering the face, thus negating the stress of an unexpected blemish.  It also means one can go incognito should the need arrive.

So, if a frock caught your eye last week, come along and play Frock It! There is no theme this time. Just pick one frock, link up and share the frock love by commenting on the other contributions.

Can’t wait! x

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