CyberMummy11 was on Saturday. It’s the UK conference for parent bloggers, and, wow, did these 400 parent bloggers… er…. confer. Yes. That’s what we did. We conferred.

Proof that we conferred.

And drank.

And conferred.

And TALKED. Oh geez we talked.

And conferred.

And ate. I reminded myself of that animal on Teletubbies with the big snorkel nose.

Some of us might have eaten the our own body weight in cupcakes.

It’s not often a conference starts with a video of your chest being played on an enormous screen for everyone to enjoy. It’s also a unique feeling having people say hello because they recognise you from it.

I’m going to forget the fact I was asked “what will you do about your blog title?” by someone who thought I was pushing 40. I must have come across as really wise and mature.

I had a massage – and let me tell you, there is nothing dainty about clambering onto a horse-like massage chair, with a pole running down the middle, face down, in a maxi dress.  There is no photo of this, otherwise I would obviously *cough* share it here.

The P&G Recharge Room.  See the bloggers recharging?

We got freebies. So many that I had to get a cab home – no way was I hauling that loot on the tube late at night.  Here I’m looking very pleased with myself because I have loads of free things.   You can’t tell but my arms were actually shaking from the weight.   I really should have gone back to that pump class.

I might have borrowed this from Kate Takes 5’s Cybermummy post.
(Thanks Kate!)

I had my hair done by a celebrity hairstylist… a real one, Michael Douglas, he’s on the telly and everything! He has haired Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and me. And that is his real name.

Holding onto the famous hair stylist for dear life.  “You did my hair!  My hero!”
Taken by the talented, beautiful and quick witted Karin at Cafe Bebe.

I was also lucky enough to go to the Netmums reception afterwards, ooh and dinner too. Did I mention I’m going to be a Netmums Reviewer? No? Well, I’m going to be a Netmums Reviewer.

All this, and yet the highlight was definitely the people I met. It was a special thing to meet those whose blogs I love, and some who enjoy reading This Mid 30s Life too. When you stop and think about it, it’s pretty amazing. Not the fact that I stopped to think about something, but that a group of people from all over read each other’s writing, and came together to meet in person.

Two of my favourites: Penny from Alexander Residence and Kate from Kate Takes 5.

You don’t get to do that every day, do you?

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